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Name: Peter Kaufman
Academic Rank: Professor
Department: Sociology

Expertise Keywords: College Teaching (methods and practices), Social Inequality, Sociology of education, Sociology of Sport

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: Much of my research focuses on education and teaching. I have published articles and presented papers at national and regional conferences on college students' identities and about the methods of teaching in college. I have also conducted research and written articles on activist athletes. My dissertation, "The Production and Reproduction of Middle Class Identities: Toward a Synthesis of Agency and Structure," explored the processes through which college students embrace a middle class identity and then work towards achieving middle class status.

Currrent Research: I am currently co-authoring a book tentatively tiled, Teaching with Compassion: An Educator's Oath to Teach from the Heart.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 845-257-3503
E-mail Address: kaufmanp@newpaltz.edu
Personal Web Site: http://www.newpaltz.edu/~kaufmanp


SUNY Stony Brook 1992--1999 MA; Ph.D 1999 Sociology
Earlham College 1985-1989 BA 1989 Political Science


2011 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Organizational Memberships

American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Association

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education


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