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Office of Communication & Marketing
Experts by Topic


Gerald Sorin, , History (Distinguished Teaching Professor)
  Home Phone: 845-255-5016
  E-mail Address: gsorin@hvc.rr.com

Indigenous art

Kevin Slivka, Art Education (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3837
  E-mail Address: slivkak@newpaltz.edu

Indigenous culture

Rosemary Millham, Teaching and Learning (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3118


Sara Hsu, Economics (Associate Professor)
  E-mail Address: hsus@newpaltz.edu

informal and underground finance

Sara Hsu, Economics (Associate Professor)
  E-mail Address: hsus@newpaltz.edu

Information Literacy

Anne Deutsch, Library (Associate Librarian)
  E-mail Address: deutscha@newpaltz.edu

information security training

Paul Chauvet, , IT / Computer Services
  Office Phone: 845-257-3828
  E-mail Address: chauvetp@newpaltz.edu

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

Daniel Freedman, , Chemistry (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3795
  E-mail Address: freedmad@newpaltz.edu

Insect Physiology

Aaron Haselton, Biology (Associate Professor)
  E-mail Address: haseltoa@newpaltz.edu

Interaction Design

Amy Papaelias, Art Department (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-2785
  E-mail Address: papaelia@newpaltz.edu

Interdisciplinary studies

Reva Wolf, Art History (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3877
  E-mail Address: wolfr@newpaltz.edu

Intergovernmental relations

Gerald Benjamin, , CRREO (Distinguished Teaching Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-2901
  E-mail Address: benjamig@newpaltz.edu

International Education

Christian Wilwohl, , Center for International Programs
  Office Phone: 845-257-3125
  E-mail Address: wilwohlc@newpaltz.edu

international education (Commonwealth Caribbean)

Ann V. Dean, Educational Studies and Leadership (Associate Professor)
  E-mail Address: deana@newpaltz.edu

Interpretations of American History

Lee Bernstein, History (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-2683
  E-mail Address: bernstel@newpaltz.edu

intrinsic motivation

Corwin Senko, Psychology (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: senkoc@newpaltz.edu