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→ Social Media Guidelines

You’ve heard about #NPSocial, right?

Smart communicators have long understood that you need to meet your audience where they live if you wish to get your message across. It is now apparent that social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a key venue for corresponding not only with students and prospects, but with parents, media outlets, and businesses and organizations too.

There may be no better way to get up-to-the-minute news and updates on SUNY New Paltz campus activity than the Social Media Hub (link), created and maintained by the Office of Communication & Marketing. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to post regular updates on their accounts, using the #NPSocial hashtag, to be featured on the College’s homepage and hub for social activity.

Our team of social media experts, photographers, videographers and student interns has worked, one post at a time, to implement a social network for SUNY New Paltz that has earned an exemplary reputation among our higher education peers.

Social Media Advertising Guidelines



If you are a department chair, program director or secretary, you are likely responsible for your department/program website's content. The Office of Communication and Marketing offers two methods* for updating your website:

  1. Self-service using TerminalFour, the college's content management system
  2. Individual website update requests

1. TerminalFour is the main content management system utilized by New Paltz to maintain the college's main website, www.newpaltz.edu. Using this system, it is possible for faculty/staff with no formal technical training to keep their department website up-to-date, including the ability to edit text, add and remove images, add and remove pages, and reorganize the main navigational links. 

2. The Office of Communication and Marketing also allows for faculty/staff to submit individual website update requests, which will be processed in the order they are received. Generally, updates are made within five business days of reciept. 




→ Photography Request Form

There may be no better way to make the New Paltz story accessible to diverse audiences than through compelling photography.

The “thousand words” cliché applies here in full effect; a great picture can express the feel of campus life in an immediate, visceral way unmatched by even the best written or spoken communication. For this reason, our campus photographers have worked tirelessly to build a network of student and faculty collaborators across campus, to ensure that the images that come to represent the SUNY New Paltz experience come from a diversity of perspectives and showcase the many qualities that make the College unique.

Through the maintenance of a library of thousands of photographs, ranging from candid shots from student interns to professional compositions capturing the splendor of campus landmarks, the Office of Communication & Marketing avails the entire campus community of essential visual communication tools capable of adding new layers of meaning to our efforts to engage internal and external audiences.

 Digital Signs


→ Digital Signage Content Update Request

The Office of Communication and Marketing collaborates with Computer Services in the administration of the Campus Digital Signage. The signs consist of a digital display, controller hardware, and the signage software, and are managed by requesting departments/buildings/programs. OCM maintains templates for all signs and provides training on the use of the content management tools used to manage the signs.

 Email Marketing


→ Email Marketing Requests

The Office of Communication and Marketing currently provides support for the use of mass email marketing services. The office provides branded templates, training on the use of the college’s mass email marketing tool, and limited support in the creation and sending emailing to groups.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mass email is a critical piece of business communication, and can be used to reach thousands of users with minimal cost.
  • Templates developed by OCM ensure brand recognition and professional-level design
  • OCM can guide department heads or program coordinators through the process of developing a distribution list and sending emails to thousands of potential customers


→ Video Services Request Form

The Office of Communication & Marketing is proud to offer videography services to the SUNY New Paltz community, for documenting and celebrating special events on campus and gathering footage for use in promotional materials. Our videographer has years of experience with many of the most powerful audio and visual recording tools and editing software available, and has cultivated a strong creative vision for capturing campus sites and community members in the best possible light. Video service consultations are available to all faculty and staff through the submission of one simple form, and we are always willing to discuss the potential of adding a video component to your project.

Guest Lecturer Release Form

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