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Retail Applications

Full Color Retail Graphics

If the fabric color matches one of the official colors exactly (New Paltz Navy, New Paltz Royal, New Paltz Orange or white), the fabric can show through in place of printing that color. If the fabric color does not match any official color, all 4 official colors must be used to print the logo.

Alternatives to Full Color Retail Graphics

Alternatives to Full Color Retail Graphics

When using logos on apparel, the art may print in all black, all New Paltz Navy, all New Paltz Royal, all New Paltz Orange, or all white as long as there is sufficient contrast with the fabric color. The one color New Paltz Hawks logos are a great cost saving alternative to the full color logos.


Note: Orange and Royal have best contrast on white fabric.


  • Retail graphics sans text (hawk, hawk head, monogram) may be used in conjunction with identity and compatible typefaces. They may not be used in conjunction with typefaces other than identity or compatible typefaces.*
  • Traditional athletic-style typefaces may be used in retail applications alone. They may not be used in conjunction with retail graphics.*

    * All retail applications must have authorization from the Office of Communication & Marketing. See the page on contact information at the end of this guide.