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Effectively communicating the University’s messages in harmony with the College’s identity, mission and vision.

Office of Communication & Marketing

Identity Standards

On a daily basis the State University of New York at New Paltz competes for attention with other academic institutions in a world filled with marketing messages from a wide variety and large number of businesses and organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. Reaching our students, supporters, and contributors can be quite a challenge. How do we establish our place in the market?

One way is to project a consistent and clear identity-our brand. Simply put, a brand identity is the sum total of all perceived information about us as communicated through our various messages-it is a marketing and communication tool. Every communication, including our name and related marks, contributes to building our brand identity.

This guide has been developed to help us achieve a consistent identity across all communication vehicles as we reflect the essence of the institution, the strength of our offerings, and the quality of our programs. The consistent application of these standards will help ensure that your communication vehicle contributes to a unified image that benefits New Paltz through improved awareness, recognition, and professional appearance.


Athletic Identity Graphic Standards

The Athletics Style Guide provides information on approved athletic logos and logotype; guidance on the use and placement of logos and logotype; standards for colors, typography, and stationery. View the Athletic Style Guide.


Editorial Standards

The Editorial Style Guide provides guidance on word usage, with a focus on words and terms associated with the campus, region and higher education. This guide is currently under revision. View the Editorial Standards.


Style Guide *

Last updated 1/15/2021

This important resource for branding and New Paltz style includes essential information regarding our brand attributes, approved descriptions of the University, use of the various university logos, official typefaces, school colors, digital media standards, notes on common editorial style, information on communication style for phones and email signatures, a reference to signage standards, and trademarks.
» Identity Standards and Style Guide *



  • Athletic Identity:
    Renee Bostic
    Director, Athletics
  • Design & Graphic Standards:
    Laura Kniffen
    Assistant Director of Design & Brand Services
    Office of Communication & Marketing
  • Editorial Standards & Media Relations:
    Andrew Bruso
    Executive Director of Communication

    Office of Communication & Marketing