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Office of Communication & Marketing

Media Relations & Marketing Services

 Media & News


For an institution of higher learning to be seen and heard in an expansive media landscape, it must maintain a cohesive media strategy.

SUNY New Paltz recognizes the importance of being proactive in distributing news and information about campus happenings, and takes seriously the institutional responsibility of responding when media professionals reach out to us. We acknowledge that building open, accommodating relationships with journalists can benefit the College, the news organizations and the broader community.

The Media Relations staff is at the forefront of the College’s many interactions with journalists and news organizations in print, web, radio and TV broadcasting. They manage the crafting and distribution of official statements and news releases, and assist faculty, staff and students in spreading awareness of their academic and professional achievements. They also liaise with media figures directly, providing press materials to reporters covering major campus events and connecting journalists with faculty experts, helping to ensure that SUNY New Paltz is appropriately recognized for its many valuable contributions to the Hudson Valley community.

 Marketing & Advertising


The surest way SUNY New Paltz can continue to attract the best students and faculty is by building public recognition of our strengths. In some cases, direct advertising can be the most effective way of achieving this goal.

The New Paltz advertising team seeks to make intelligent investments in powerful and results-oriented marketing campaigns. They analyze market research to determine the most cost-effective approaches to building awareness of the College, and work closely with budgetary staff, College administrators, academic departments and faculty, and the social media experts among the staff and the student body, to develop innovative strategies for connecting and sharing our message with new audiences. The team also collaborates with students, faculty and other organizers to promote campus events – expert lectures, student-run programs, athletics, artistic exhibition and performance, and many others – on the College’s website and in emails to internal and external members of the SUNY New Paltz community.

Whether promoting the College in print, web or other channels, our advertising team is driven to demonstrate to the world the true value of the SUNY New Paltz experience.


 Alumni Publications


SUNY New Paltz is proud to boast a strong network of thousands of alumni thriving internationally in numerous professions. It is a priority of our Development & Alumni Relations staff to strengthen the ties that bind those who call New Paltz “alma mater.”

The Office of Communication & Marketing supports this effort through the publication of an online alumni newsletter, Connect, and the semi-annual New Paltz Alumni Magazine. These materials keep alumni informed about the goings-on at New Paltz and about the successes of their classmates. Both are richly reported and composed to appeal to the diverse audience of individuals who once called the College home. The New Paltz Alumni Magazine is lavishly designed and full of high-quality photography, ensuring that when it arrives on the doorsteps of our thousands of alumni it is as visually appealing as it is informative.

By helping make it easy for New Paltz graduates to stay connected with their alma mater, the alumni publications efforts of the Office of Communication & Marketing contribute to the enrichment of the college experience for past, present and future students alike.