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Office of Communication & Marketing
Experts by Name

Sharina Maillo-Pozo, Languages, Literatures & Cultures (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: maillops@newpaltz.edu

Douglas Maynard, Psychology (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3426
  E-mail Address: maynardd@newpaltz.edu

Lawrence McGlinn, Geography (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: mcglinnl@newpaltz.edu

F. Glenn McNitt, , Political Science (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3553
  Home Phone: 845-255-1398
  E-mail Address: mcnittfg@newpaltz.edu
  Communication & Marketing: 845-257-3245

Susan Miiller, , Art Education (Instructor)
  E-mail Address: miillers@zmail.newpaltz.edu

Rosemary Millham, Teaching and Learning (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3118

James Minas, School of Business (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: minasj@newpaltz.edu
  Communication & Marketing: 845-257-3245

Mary Beth Murnan, , Admission - Undergraduate
  Communication & Marketing: 845-257-3245