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Effectively communicating the College’s messages in harmony with the College’s identity, mission and vision.

Office of Communication & Marketing

Experts by Topic


Paul Chauvet, , IT / Computer Services
  Office Phone: 845-257-3828
  E-mail Address: chauvetp@newpaltz.edu


Lawrence McGlinn, Geography (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: mcglinnl@newpaltz.edu


Keith Kenney, , Athletics, Wellness & Recreation
  Office Phone: 845-257-6956
  E-mail Address: kenneyk@newpaltz.edu

History of Economic Science

Edith Kuiper, , Economics (Associate Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-2378
  E-mail Address: kuipere@newpaltz.edu

History of modern and contemporary art

Reva Wolf, Art History (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3877
  E-mail Address: wolfr@newpaltz.edu

history of psychology

Jonathan Raskin, , Psychology (Professor)
  Office Phone: 845-257-3471
  E-mail Address: raskinj@newpaltz.edu

History of the United States South

L. H. Roper, History (University Professor)
  E-mail Address: roperl@newpaltz.edu

Hudson River

Lawrence McGlinn, Geography (Assistant Professor)
  E-mail Address: mcglinnl@newpaltz.edu

Human resources

Lisa Kozlowski, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion
  Office Phone: 845-257-3227
  E-mail Address: kozlowsl@newpaltz.edu