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Name: Sara Hsu
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Department: Economics

Expertise Keywords: Asian economic development, Chinese economy, Development, Inequality, informal and underground finance, shadow banking

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: PhD in Economics from the University of Utah BA from Wellesley College

Currrent Research: Chinese economy, Asian economic development, informal and underground finance, shadow banking, urbanization in China

Contact Information

E-mail Address: hsus@newpaltz.edu

Other Information

Positions held at New Paltz prior to current position:
Adjunct Professor at St. Edward's University in Austin, University of Texas at San Antonio
Visiting Assistant Professor at Trinity University, San Antonio


University of Utah 2003-2006 PhD 2006 Economics
Wellesley College 1993-1997 BA 1997 Art


2012, Scholar and Recipient of Taiwan Fellowship, Research on sustainable development in Taiwan at National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung

2011 - Present, Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation, China, Research on Modeling the Shadow Credit Market in China

2005 Eccles Fellowship, to fund excellent dissertation research

Other professional activities

2014 - Present Reviewer, Journal of Economic Issues International
2014 - Present Reviewer, Economic Modeling International
2014 - Present Member, Speakers Academy International
2014 - Present Reviewer, Antipode International
2013 - Present Member, China Speakers Bureau International
2013 - Present Member, National Committee on US-China Relations International
2013 - Present Blogger, Triple Crisis website International
2013 - Present Consultant, Guide Point Global Hong Kong
2013 - Present Consultant, Gerson Lehrman Group National
2013 - Present Reviewer, The Socio-Economic Review International
2013 - Present Reviewer, The Social Science Journal International
2013 - Present Reviewer, Land Use Policy Journal International
2013 - Present Reviewer, Small Business Economics Journal International
2013 - Present Reviewer, Edward Elgar Books International
2013 - Present Reviewer, Palgrave Macmillan International
2012 - Present Committee Chair, Association for Evolutionary Economics International
2012 - Present Reviewer, China Quarterly International
2011 - Present Reviewer, Crime, Law and Social Change International
2011 - Present Reviewer, Journal of Peace, Gender and Development Studies International
2011 - 2012 Newsletter Editor, IAFFE International
2011 - 2012 Board Member, IAFFE Membership Committee International
2010 - Present Reviewer, European Journal of Health Economics International
2010 - Present Fellow, Economists for Peace and Security International
2009 - Present Reviewer, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs International
2009 - Present Member, International Association for Feminist Economics International
2009 - Present Member, NAACP National
2009 - Present Member, Southern Economic Association National
2008 - Present Owner, Economics of Crisis Website International
2007 - Present Researcher, University of Texas Inequality Project Austin, TX
2007 - Present Member, Chinese Women Economists (CCER, Peking Univ) China
2007 - Present Member, American Economic Association International
2006 - Present Member, Gender and Macro International Working Group International


Refereed Publications

 Forthcoming 2016 Chapter “China’s Shadow Banking Instruments and Risk” in edited volume, Routledge, ed. Anastasia Nesvetailova.
 December 2016 “China’s Structural Transformation: Reaching Potential GDP in the Financial Services Sector,” with Alba Carolina Melchor Simon (first author), China Finance and Economic Review 4(1): 1-16.
 May 2016 “Risks of P2P Lending Platforms in China: Modeling Failure Using a Cox Hazard Model,” with Jianjun Li, Zhang Chen, Yang Chen, in The Chinese Economy 49(3): 161-172.
 May 2016 “China’s Banking Sector as the Foundation of Financial Reform,” (sole author) Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies 3(2): 244-248.
 April 2016 “China’s Volatile Stock Market in the Summer 2015 and Policy (In)effectiveness,” (sole author), Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 4(4): 7-15.
 February 2016 Development in China, India and Japan: Three Economic Success Stories (book). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar (sole author).
 December 2015 “Systemic risk in Chinese shadow banking system: A sector-level perspective, with Guangning Tian, Jianjun Li, and Xue Ying. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade
 December 2015 “Military Expenditures and Profit Rates: Evidence from OECD Countries,” with Adem Elveren (second author), Metroeconomica.
 January 2015 “Military Expenditures and Political Regimes: An Analysis Using Global Data, 1963-2001,” with Unal Tongur and Adem Elveren (second author), in Economic Modelling 44: 68-79.
 December 2014 Lessons in Sustainable Development from Malaysia and Indonesia (Pivot book) with Nathan Perry (first author). New York: Palgrave.
 August 2014 “Shadow Banking in China: Institutional Risks,” with Jianjun Li and Yanzhi Qin (second author) in China Economic Review 39: 119-129.
 June 2014 Chapter “Shadow Banking Systems in the United States and China,” with Jianjun Li (first author), in edited volume, Challenges to Financial Stability - Perspective, Models and Policies, ASERS Publishing, ed. Renata Karkowska.
 May 2014 Lessons in Sustainable Development from Japan and South Korea (Pivot book), with Michio Naoi and Wenjie Zhang (first author). New York: Palgrave.
 October 2013 Lessons in Sustainable Development from China and Taiwan (Pivot book) (sole author). New York: Palgrave.
 November 2013 Impacts of Financial Crisis and Post Crisis Policies on China: A Gendered
Analysis, with Yan Liang, Chapter in Gender Perspectives and Gender Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis, ed. Rania Antonopoulos, New York: Routledge.
 June 2013 Financial Crises, 1929 to 2009 (book). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. Positively reviewed in the Journal of Economic Literature 52(1): 227-229.
 September 2012 “Development and Legitimacy of Chinese Informal Finance,” with Nikos Passas and Jianjun Li (second author). The Pacific Review 25(4): 495-511.
 July 2012 “Increasing Virulence of Man-Made Crises: Financial Crises and Global Instability” Journal of Economic Issues 46(2): 491-498 (sole author).
 August 2011 “A New Framework for Sustainable Development in US Healthcare Section: The Case of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Medicaid Project”, With Pablo Rhi-Perez and Mostafa Mostafa Malki (second author), in International Journal of Trade and Global Markets 4(3): 261-278.
 August 2010 “The Crisis’ Impact on China’s Rural Migrants” with Shiyin Jiang and Halcott Heyward (first author). In Journal of Current Chinese Affairs - China Aktuell 39(2): 167-185.
 August 2009 Informal Finance in China: Chinese and American Perspectives, with Jianjun Li, New York: Oxford University Press. Author, Chapter 1, Introduction (sole author), and Chapter 7, “Is Informal Finance Faster, Cheaper, Better than Formal Finance? A Study of Small and Medium Enterprises in Shanghai and Nanjing” (sole author).
 July 2009 “Employment Impacts of a 'Green' Energy Transition in China” with Shelley Nauss (first author), China Economic Journal 2(2): 219-237.
 June 2009 “The Beijing Bust” with James Galbraith and Wenjie Zhang (second author), Journal of Current Chinese Affairs - China Aktuell, 38(2): 3-26.

Un-Refereed Publications

 Forthcoming 2018 Dictionary of Business and Management in China, author, London: Oxford University Press.
 Forthcoming 2017 Handbook of Sustainable Development in Asia (sole editor), author, Introduction, New York: Routledge
 September 2015 “China’s Volatile Stock Market and its Implications,” UK Nottingham Policy Paper 7 (sole author)
 June 2015 “Is All Growth Good? The Case of China,” Economics of the Environment. Boston, MA: Dollars and Sense.
 November 2014 “China’s Debt Burden,” UK Nottingham Policy Paper 6 (sole author).
 October 2014 “Chapter 6: The Great Recession: Unprecedented Economic Challenges (2007-present),” Chapter in Guide to U.S. Economic Policy, eds. Wright and Zeiler, Congressional Quarterly Press.
 January 2014 “Shadow Banking: Peril or Promise?” in A Changing China, ed. China Speakers Bureau. Amherst, MA: Trombly International.
 November 2013 “In China, Change-and Uncertainty-Are in the Air,” in Real World Globalization, eds. Dollars and Sense, Boston, MA: Dollars and Sense (13th Edition) (sole author).
 August 2012 “美国金融体系、大萧条和投机蔓延.” with Jianjun Li (second author), Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics Journal.
 May 2012 “Chinese Shadow Financial System,” (In Chinese) with Jianjun Li (second author), Chinese National Social Science Foundation Report.
 March 2012 “Invisible Finance: Black and Gray: Introduction,” chapter contributed and Guest Editor for Special Issue of Crime, Law and Social Change 57(3): 209-220.
 January 2012 “Role of Informal Finance in China’s Continuing Economic Development”, The Chinese Economy 45(1): 28–45
 July 2010 “Trade Policy in the Post-Neoliberal Era” with James Galbraith (second author), chapter in UN World Economic and Social Survey 2010.
 December 2009 “Political and Policy Regimes: 1963-2000" background paper for “Wealth and Income Inequality,” with James Galbraith, Olivier Giovannoni, and Hyun Kum, chapter in Flagship Report on Poverty, New York: UNRISD.