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Name: Eve Waltermaurer
Title: Director of Research & Evaluation
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Department: The Benjamin Center

Expertise Keywords: assessment, criminology, homicide and assault, Intimate partner violence, Public health, research methodology, youth risk & delinquency

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: I hold a Ph.D in Epidemiology from the University at Albany’s department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I have provided statistical services related to sample design and survey research to numerous organizations for eighteen years including complex sample design, statistical weighting, adjustments for oversampling and confidence interval estimation. I have provided statistical and methodological consultancy to government, non-profit and health organizations for over ten years. I have evaluated numerous interventions and developed sophisticated yet user friendly metrics to allow organizations to measure processes and outcomes.

Currrent Research: Youth risk/youth Development, efficiencies in government/criminal justice, patient centered primary care, women's health, violence against women

Contact Information

E-mail Address: walterme@newpaltz.edu
Personal Web Site: https://faculty.newpaltz.edu/evewaltermaurer/

Other Information

Positions held at New Paltz prior to current position:
Director of Criminology

Positions held prior to joining SUNY New Paltz:
Violence Epidemiologist, NYC Dept. of Health


Ithaca College 1986-1990 BS 1990 Communications
University at Albany 2001-2005 PhD 2005 Social Epidemiology
Lehman College 1995-1997 MA 1997 Community Health


2015 Principal Investigator, (Council on Addiction, Prevention & Education)

2015 Principal Investigator, Council on Arraignment, Ulster County (Office of Indigent Legal Services)

2014 Research Consultant: Institute for Family Health Upstate Residency and Faculty Research

2014 Evaluator, Marathon Project, (Council on Addiction, Prevention & Education)

2014 Principle Investigator, Orange County Youth Development Survey (Orange County BOCES)

2014 Principal Investigator: Evaluation of Youth Risk for Ulster County (Ulster Prevention Council)

2014 Statistician, NAUC Leap (Newburgh Auxillary) (2014-2015)

2014 Statistician, Albany County Database Study (Albany County Comptroller) (2014-2016)

2013 Statistician, New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASAS) (2013-2018)

2013 External Evaluator for Juvenile Reentry: Family of Woodstock (2013-2015)

3013 Research Consultant: Institute for Family Health Upstate Residency and Faculty Research

2013 Statistician, Mid-Hudson Arts & Culture (NY Community Trust) (2013)

2013 Principal Investigator: Evaluation of Youth Risk for Dutchess County (Council on Addiction, Prevention & Education) (2012-2013)

2013 Principal Investigator: Evaluation of Youth Risk for Ulster County (Ulster Prevention Council) (2013)

2013 Principal Investigator: Community Health Assessment: Ulster County Department of Health (2013)

2012 Principal Investigator: Evaluation of Youth Risk for Ulster County (Ulster Prevention Council)

2012 Principal Investigator: Family Partnership Center Evaluation (Family Services, Inc.)

2011 Research Consultant: Institute for Family Health Upstate Residency and Faculty Research (2011-2012)

2011 Principal Investigator: Evaluation of Youth Risk for the Rondout School District (Ulster Prevention Council)

2011 Principal Investigator/Evaluator: Rondout Valley Growers Association Farm to School Feasibility Study

2010 Principal Investigator/Evaluator: Ulster County Department of Health Youth Body Mass Index (BMI) Study

2009 Statistical Consult funded through CRREO’s Federal Department of Education Regional Wellbeing grant

2009 SUNY NP Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Award – Violence in the Media Study

2008 Principal Investigator/Evaluator: Ulster Prevention Program Youth Risk Survey Analysis and Dissemination (2008-2009)

2007 Provost Research Award – Mapping and Analysis of Youth Arrests in a Rural Community

2004 Principal Investigator: Sub-allocation grant University at Albany/Centers of Disease Control (CDC) – Evaluating a Longitudinal Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

2004 SUNY NP Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Award – Deviance Survey

Other professional activities

Statistical consult

Producer/director film documentary that takes a multigenerational look at women's sexuality


2013 Waltermaurer, E. & Akers, T. Epidemiological Criminology: Theory to Practice. Routledge/Taylor Francis, (May, 2013)

2010 Waltermaurer, E (Creator, Director), Gurland, H. (Co-Director) First: Perspectives on Sexual Awakenings and Identities. Films for the Humanities and Sciences (Film), Princeton, NJ. 2010.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication

1. Rosen-Carole, C., Waltermaurer, E., Goudreault, M., Larimer, A., Pokharel-Wood, M. 2015. Assessing the Efficacy of Breastfeeding Education for Staff and Direct Care Providers in a Primary Care Setting. Journal of Human Lactation (in press)

2. Nevarez, L., Tobin, K., Waltermaurer, E. 2015 Food Acquisition in Poughkeepsie NY: Exploring the Stratification of “Healthy Food” Consciousness in a Food-Insecure City. Food, Culture & Society 18 (3).

3. Ravi A, Prine L, Waltermaurer, E, Miller, N, Rubin, S. 2014 Intrauterine Devices at Six Months: Does Patient Age Matter? Results from an Urban Family Medicine Federally Qualified Health Center network. J Am Board Fam Med 27 (6) 822-830.

4. Waltermaurer, E., Butsashvili, M., Avaliani, N., Samuels, S., McNutt, LA. 2013. An Examination of Domestic Partner Violence and its Justification in the Republic of Georgia. Journal of Women’s Health, 13:44.

5. Calman, N. S., Hauser, D., Weiss, L., Waltermaurer, E., Molina-Ortiz, E., Chantarat, T., & Bozack, A. 2013. Becoming a Patient-Centered Medical Home: A 9-Year Transition for a Network of Federally Qualified Health Centers. The Annals of Family Medicine, 11(Suppl 1), S68-S73.

6. Waltermaurer, E., Doleyres, H., Bednarczyk, R., McNutt, LA. 2013. Characteristics of Female College Students Associated with Emergency Contraception Consideration and Use. Journal of Women’s Health, 2 (2) 141-146.

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10. McNutt L.A., Waltermaurer E., Bednarczyk, R.A., McCauley J., Carlson, B., Campbell J.C., Kotval, J., Ford D.E. 2008. Are We Misjudging How Well Informed Consent forms are Read? Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics 3(1): 89-97.

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Reprinted in Perspectives in Social Research Methods and Analysis: A Reader for Sociology, Howard Lune, Enrique S. Pumar, Ross Koppel, eds. (SAGE Publications, Inc. 2009)