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Pictured above: Julien J. Studley Theatre

The McKenna Theatre, with a capacity of 358, provides a superb acoustical environment for faculty recitals, student ensemble performances, and concerts by visiting artists.​

The Julien J. Studley Theatre, with a capacity of 620, hosts large-ensemble performances by the Symphonic Band, the College-Youth Symphony, the Choral Ensembles, the Jazz Ensembles, and visiting groups including the Hudson Valley Philharmonic​

The Nadia and Max Shepard Recital Hall, seating 125, offers an intimate setting for chamber music performances and student recitals.​

The Music Computer Lab: Recording & Electronic Music courses are taught in the Music Computer Lab that also is open outside of class for all students to use to complete their projects and assignments. The lab consists of eight computer stations, each outfitted with the same configuration: Apple 27” iMac computer with Pro Tools, Logic, Sibelius software. Plug-ins include Waves audio and other installed virtual instrument and sample software plug-ins. Each station also has a Focusrite 4i4 audio interface and Yamaha Motif keyboard. Other outboard gear includes, headphones, tube preamps, and a lab mic cabinet for small recording setups in the lab. Larger recording projects can take place in the Shepard Recital Hall recording studio.​

The piano lab includes 17 electronic keyboard units governed by a master control, allowing for individual practice and monitoring by the instructor.

Instrument collections:​ SUNY New Paltz owns a collection of over 40 pianos that include 4 concert Steinway D grand pianos. Every teaching studio and practice space is equipped with a Steinway grand or Yamaha upright piano, located throughout College Hall, Mckenna Theater and Old Main buildings.

Collegium Musicum, the ensemble for early music, possesses a large early instrument collection. Included are numerous recorders, crumhorns and shawms, modern copies of renaissance and baroque flutes, lutes, archlute, cittern, rebec, sackbut, cornetto, diatonic harps, bowed psaltery, a set of viols, a hurdy-gurdy, and a harpsichord. The ensemble also holds a rich collection of literature and music from the medieval, renaissance, and baroque eras.​

Burmese Saing Waing and Gamelan Si Betty​: The music department houses a complete Burmese Saing Waing orchestra set comprising over 30 pitched barrel drums, hand drums, pot gongs, cymbals and bells. These instruments are use in the Southeast Asian music ensemble course offered to all students in the college.​

Gamelan Si Betty is an American Gamelan modeled after an Indonesian Javanese gamelan built for late composer Lou Harrison. This set of metallophones and pot gongs is used to teach students fundamentals of Indonesian music.​

Sojourner Truth Library
has a comprehensive collection of music books, scores, and a subscription to the entire Naxos catalogue, as well as listening stations for CDs and DVDs.​

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