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Areas of Study: Classical Performance: Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion

Students in the Woodwind, Brass and Percussion area at SUNY New Paltz have the opportunity to engage with exceptional faculty in a wide array of settings, from private lessons, to performing in the SUNY New Paltz ensembles, to working with living composers. Dedicated artist-teachers, frequent performance opportunities, and a community that appreciates and supports student artists make SUNY New Paltz the perfect choice for woodwind, brass and percussion students seeking a performance experience that challenges and nurtures the individual, and prepares them for successful careers in the arts.

Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Faculty

Adam Fontana

Area Head
Symphonic Band Director



Joel Evans

Double Reeds


Lois Hicks-Wozniak

Single Reeds



Laurie Sakhnovskiy

Upper Brass


Vic Izzo

Lower Brass




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