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Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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Literacy Education Program
  • Courses in our graduate program include seated, hybrid, and online classes. We utilize a unique hybrid schedule, which allows you to take two hybrid courses simultaneously--only meeting on campus one night per week for 6 credits.
  • The timeframe for completing the graduate literacy program is flexible. It can be completed in as few as three semesters full time (Fall-Spring-Summer).
  • No need to complete an additional student teaching experience! The literacy capstone experience takes place at our on-campus literacy center during evening classes and/or summer sessions.
  • More than 90% of our classes are taught by our five full-time faculty members.
  • Our full-time faculty are actively engaged scholars in literacy education. We currently have collaborations with local school districts and community organizations. Additionally, all faculty present at national conferences and publish regularly.
  • Our literacy clinic provides you with cutting-edge instructional tools including an interactive smart table, iPads loaded with literacy apps, and many opportunities for multi-modal text production.