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Points of Pride
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Painting & Drawing
  • Painting and drawing faculty have worked with students on several exciting research topics including digital mediums, acrylic painting with textural mediums and oils, video, 3D materials, public art projects, and collaborative processes.
  • A new large format digital printer housed in its own lab allows painting and drawing majors to incorporate digital techniques into their work on paper and canvas. Additionally, two computer stations in the painting studio have allowed the department to offer digital painting classes at intermediate, advanced, and graduate levels, which have proven to be an exciting addition to the program.
  • Painting and drawing students are afforded opportunities to study abroad in countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Great Britain.
  • A large percentage of painting and drawing BFA graduates go on to graduate school, and many are accepted into highly competitive programs.
  • A number of painting and drawing alumni are now teaching, and many have significant exhibition records. Alumni are invited back to campus as speakers to discuss how they are faring in the art world post graduation.