Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • Faculty are active and engaged teacher-scholars who are committed to undergraduate education and mentoring undergraduate researchers.
  • The department’s modern, research-quality instrumentation enables students to pursue specialized interests, from molecular signaling and environmental conservation to neurophysiology and animal behavior.
  • We have a strong record of sending students to local, regional, and national scientific conferences along with their faculty mentors to present their findings and many students are co-authors of published scientific journal articles.
  • With the Shawangunk Mountain range, the Mohonk Preserve, and numerous state parks within a few minutes’ drive of campus, biology students have access to a range of diverse environments for field study. Many faculty members conduct research at the Preserve, strengthening ties between the region’s educational and environmental institutions.
  • The department possesses an impressive, extensive natural history collection of thousands of plant and animal specimens native to the Mid-Hudson Valley region, assembled during the past 50 years by faculty and students. The collection serves as an invaluable teaching resource.
  • Graduates attending veterinary or medical school report that they have been well-prepared by our rigorous biology curriculum. Recent graduates have gone on to graduate programs at some of the top institutions in the country, and have obtained positions in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, education, and university research.