Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • Many communication students participate in internships at for-profit and non-profit companies, both locally and in New York City, which correspond with their future career aspirations.
  • Students are encouraged to conduct original research with faculty; some stem from classroom projects, others are independent studies. Many students have presented their work at the Eastern Communication Association annual conference, and students have also traveled with faculty to the National Communication Association conference.
  • Faculty members consistently receive prestigious awards, demonstrating the degree to which they are recognized by peers on the state, regional, and national levels. Faculty members are highly engaged with research and frequently publish textbooks, academic books, and research articles.
  • The communication program combines theory and practice, with the goal of helping students achieve a broad liberal arts education while also developing specific skills they need for today‚Äôs job market.
  • Alumni find careers in a variety of fields, from corporate management to public relations. Several have returned to New Paltz to participate in career panels. One student met with a professor nine months after graduation to let him know that the project management skills he learned as a communication major were the primary reason he landed his dream job.
  • Online offerings and innovative new hybrid courses are being expanded to help students achieve success. All communication programs strive to adhere to the best practices available for online education.
  • The department has an honors society, Lambda Pi Eta, through the National Communication Association.