Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • Alumni of the geography program hold professional positions in mapping and research, land surveying, corporate sustainability, historic preservation, land acquisition and management, and more. Some have won national awards for their work. Geography is also a sound foundation for graduate work in many fields, including planning, law, business, and teaching.
  • The internship component of the geography major offers students real-world experience and responsibility for major projects. Geography interns have worked in a variety of regional agencies and organizations including the state Department of Environmental Conservation, Scenic Hudson, Ulster County Department of the Environment, Dutchess County Planning and Development, and Mohonk Preserve.
  • Students in the geography program often present their research at professional conferences such as the annual Middle States Division of the Association of American Geographers, and some have garnered accolades for their work. Many have studied abroad in various locations throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.
  • Generous gifts from geography alumni have enabled students to conduct undergraduate research and travel to conferences to present their work.