Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • The Sociology Department prides itself on the expertise of its faculty and quality of their teaching. Instructors write and publish works and develop curricula that train students to be experts in their field, positioning New Paltz as the main feeder school for local employers.
  • Faculty members have won many awards and spend much time advising students one-on-one. Additionally, Teaching Sociology, a quarterly publication for teachers, cited the Department as one of the top colleges in the country for faculty publishing on the subject of teaching.
  • Each of the three programs offered (sociology, human services, and criminology) require students to complete field work internships. Students are given opportunities that equip them for successful careers by familiarizing them with diversity and helping them understand social systems.
  • Sociology alumni leave New Paltz with the ability to think critically, work well in groups, and comprehend how social systems work. Graduates continue their education in graduate school, and become lawyers and social workers.
  • The Department works closely with regional organizations to provide internships for students and secure jobs for graduates. Global engagement is emphasized within the human services program, giving students the chance to study abroad and examine social structures of other countries.