Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • New Paltz has one of the most comprehensive wellness and recreation programs in SUNY, providing professional certificates for personal training and offering many different outdoor pursuit programs that take advantage of local surroundings.
  • Athletics’ leadership academy includes a leadership summit for team captains, advising from coaches on holistic skills necessary for successful leadership, a speaker series featuring an alumni panel, and a service group which bolsters community engagement.
  • New Paltz athletes as a whole average a 3.1 GPA, with a high number of student-athletes performing at the highest academic level (4.0 GPA).
  • The department builds connections that last multiple generations, with 175-300 athletics alumni visiting campus annually. The department is working to bring back older alumni, targeting milestones and anniversary years.
  • Institutional investment has led to historically high levels of athletic success, as well as an increase in overall student success. This demonstrates the important role athletics play in running a successful academic institution.