Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • The Printmaking Department offers a multidisciplinary scope beyond traditional printmaking, with professors who are enthusiastic about mixed media orientations and open expression.
  • Printmaking professors are well versed in the use of papermaking, mixed media, and digital and traditional printmaking techniques and regularly present their work at regional, national, and international shows. Students are exposed to these projects through virtual presentations and original artwork demonstrations.
  • Printmaking students are strongly encouraged to enroll in fieldwork and research partnerships. Professors offer personal connections and recommendations to connect students to internships and jobs in printmaking studios, galleries, museums, and other venues.
  • Through their extensive international contacts, printmaking professors have connected students to overseas study opportunities in Argentina, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Korea.
  • About 40 percent of undergraduate printmaking majors go on to pursue Master of Fine Arts degrees.