Student Accounts

Deadlines and Late Fees

Students accept their financial responsibility upon registration. You can view the Financial Responsibility Statement here.

Once registered, students must Confirm the Enrollment prior to the start of the semester, as well as make payment arrangments. Payment arrangements can be done online at > Money > Payment Center.

Payment arrangements for the fall and spring can include enrollment New Paltz Payment Plan during the Fall and Spring semesters; proof of external funding through a 529 or a scholarship; Access VR benefits, and\or approved tuition waivers.  

DO NOT DEDUCT WORK STUDY AWARDS FROM INVOICE. Work study money is paid directly to the students for work performed and cannot be applied to any college fees. 

All Student Account notifications regarding the student's invoice will be emailed to his or her email account. 

Charges that are incurred after the first day of classes must be paid within 24 hours. Students who have not made proper payment arrangements toward their balance may be subject to late fees, holds, deregistration, and\or eventual referral to an outside collection agency.