Student Accounts




Full time:
NYS resident undergraduate - $3,535.00
NYS resident graduate - $5,655.00
NYS resident MBA - $7,500.00

Non-NYS resident undergraduate - $8,490.00
Non-NYS resident graduate - $11,550.00
Non-NYS resident MBA - $12,195.00

RATES PER CREDIT HOUR (not capped Summer and Winter sessions)
NYS resident undergraduate - $295.00
NYS Excelsior rate - $270.00
NYS resident graduate - $471.00
NYS resident MBA - $625.00

Non-NYS resident undergraduate - $708.00
Non-NYS resident graduate - $963.00
Non-NYS resident MBA - $1,016.00

  **Non-Resident Online Only**
                      Year            Semester        Per Cred
Undergrad       $8,480.00     $4,240.00         $353.00
Grad-Masters  $13,570.00    $6,785.00         $565.00
MBA               $18,000.00    $9,000.00         $750.00

***The Non-Resident Online Only rate will be charged to students taking courses in exclusively online programs that have been previously approved by the Provost’s Office and authorized by the New York State Education Department in distance education format, consistent with the student’s intention to take courses exclusively online at the time of application and matriculation toward the degree. Students who are nonresidents, whose intent is to be on campus learning, but may be studying remotely, will be charged the nonresidential rate.




Per Semester


Per Credit

College Fee




Student Activity Fee




Health Center Fee




Athletic Fee




Technology Fee




Study Abroad Overseas Health Insurance (per semester)




Foreign Health Insurance 
International Students (per semester)




Gift to the Fund for New Paltz (optional)

$20.00 (flat)



Room Rent


$4,937.00 (Double)



Food Service

The Unlimited - $2,575. – 19 Meals per week at Peregrine Dining Hall; 3 Guest Passes; $300 dining dollars; 50 retail exchanges

the Ten Plan - $2,575 – 10 Meals per week at Peregrine Dining Hall; 3 Guest Passes; $1,000 dining dollars; 50 retail exchanges



Late Registration Fee




Administrative Fee and Late Payment Fees 

For balances less than $1,000: up to $30.00

For balances between $1,000 and $1,999.99: up to $40.00        

For balances $2,000 and above: up to $50.00





Returned Check Fee




Billing and payment is made on a semester basis. Students are billed when they register. Full-time student = 12 or more semester credit hours. Part-time student = 11 or less semester credit hours.

Course Audit:



Explanation of Mandatory Broad based fees

Technology Fee: 

Estimated Annual Revenue = $3.3Million (non-covid year)

Services Provided:

  • 170 Smart classrooms
  • 100 iPads, 100 laptops, 1,000 PC’s, 265 iMacs, 90 printers
  • Software packages: SPSS, MS Office, Adobe, BloomBerg, Mathematica, Maple, ArcGIS, MatLab, MiniTab, Rhino, TerrSet, Turntin etc.
  • Services:, Blackboard, Collaborate, Ensemble, HawkSites, HawkMail,, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), etc.
  • Network: Internet, wireless in academic buildings (note: separate funding source for residence halls)
  • Library resources: laptop loaners, printing, informational databases, 150 computers and 8 collaboration spaces


COVID additions:

  • Outdoor WiFi – 7 locations!
  • Expanded VPN capacity and licensing to include all students
  • Additional software resources for faculty to enable better student engagement (Knowmia, Faronics Insight, Matlab)
  • Loaner laptops for students
  • Microphones and headsets to facilitate faculty ability to teach remotely
  • Webcams for classrooms
  • Implemented Extended Virtual Learning technology in 32 Classrooms

Athletic Fee:

Estimated Revenue $2.9Million (non-covid year)

Services Provided:

  • 17 intercollegiate athletic teams – 350 student athletes
  • 45 intramural activities – 400 teams and 1300 participants *Reduced capacity due to COVID
  • 20 outdoor pursuit trips over the course of the academic year 725 participants. All but four trips were at full capacity. 10 outdoor pursuit activities/trips per semester; kayaking, horseback riding and skiing most popular *Cancelled Fall 2020 due to COVID
  • 25-30 group classes per week (yoga, Pilates, spin, etc.)
  • Provide facility space to 17 competitive club sports teams, 3 semi-competitive club sports teams and 9 recreational/instructional clubs* Most clubs on hold due to COVID & NP Forward Plan
  • Access to the Athletic and Wellness Center and swimming pool for general health and conditioning activities
  • Access to intramural courts for basketball, tennis, etc.*Tennis & Pickleball Only due to COVID, Access to Outdoor Track/Turf Fields Available

COVID additions:

  • 7 E Sports Intramural Leagues- Top 2 teams in each league compete in SUNY E Sports Tournament
  • Some Group Fitness Classes streamed Live via Zoom for remote participants
  • Week long tournaments for Home Run Derby, Giant Connect 4, Corn Hole
  • Virtual Offerings: Trick Shot Challenge; Virtual Progression Race 1 to 10K
  • 3 Late Night Weekend Programs to Date: Yoga Under The Stars (done); Soccer Tennis; Mafia (problem solving game)


( and also to


Health Services

Estimated Annual Revenue = $1.9Million (non-covid year)

Services Provided:

  • Health care providers (doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants), your doctor’s office on campus
  • Partial funding of the Student Counseling Center
  • Promoting wellness by delivering presentations to students on relaxation, sleep, diet/nutrition, exercise and stress reduction
  • Medical supplies for the center

COVID additions:

  • Implement and maintain Tele-Med System for remote access of Health Services.
  • COVID Testing by Health Service staff and supporting testing on campus to mitigate the effect of COVID-19 on the campus. This includes reporting all test results to students.
  • Prepared for 2900 students to return to campus (1645 students in residence at present but we prepared to support the higher number expected).
  • Many students had put off health care during the spring and summer of 2020, so we prepared to be ready to provide catch up care.
  • Investigate each COVID-19 case and interact with students, the Local Health Department, Contact Tracers, and Faculty
  • Contact each student who has a positive daily health screen and triage their symptoms to clear them for activity on campus.
  • Daily monitoring of all Isolated students on campus with COVID-19. Periodic monitoring of students at home with COVID-19 and students in Quarantine who had contact with a person with COVID.
  • Providing orientation material to students to explain new protocols at the Health Center developed in response to COVID. In addition, orientation materials created to reinforce how to mitigate the pandemic.
  • Supporting the New Paltz campus community as they cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Activity Fee

  • Supports all campus activities, clubs and events


***Winter Sessions are only billed Technology & College Fee***