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Applying for NYS Residency


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Initial Determination of Residency

The initial determination of residency status should be based on the information provided by the student during the admissions process. For this reason, the University Common Application Services Center’s (“ASC”) undergraduate application for admission includes a description of residence as follows: "If your principal or permanent home has not been in New York State for a 12-month period immediately prior to the date you intend to enroll, you will be considered an out-of-state student for tuition purposes. Please note that if you are financially dependent and your custodial parent lives in a state other than New York State, you will be considered a resident of that state." 


Submission of Residency Applications

Completed residency applications should be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts prior to registration for the semester in which tuition is due. The term "registration" shall mean the "last date" for registration at each campus.



A written residency determination and any supporting documentation shall be placed in the student’s permanent file.



Students who wish to appeal the Residency decision may do so at the Office of Student Accounts. Additional information in support of the student's claim should be submitted at that time.