Student Accounts

Refund information

Refund Dates

Refunds are issued when the total amount of Financial Aid exceeds the charges on a student's account. When this happens, Student Accounts will issue a refund of the credit balance to the student. In cases where the credit is generated by a parent PLUS loan, the refund be issued to the borrower) 

In most cases, credit balances are derived from a combination of NY state grants such as TAP and the SUNY Tuition Credit, and Federal Title IV aid. Title IV funds include:

  • Pell
  • SEOG
  • Direct Subsidized loan
  • Direct Unsubsidized loan
  • PLUS loan.

When the combination of all these awards exceeds the invoice amount, a refund is generated and issued to the student within 14 days.

>>For information regarding course withdrawals, please read the section entitled "Tuition Refund Policy".<<

How to receive your refund FASTER!:

SUNY New Paltz delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information: BankMobile Disbursements.

To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

NOTE: If the credit is incurred by an overpayment made by personal check, the check will be held for a 30 day clearing period from the date the payment posted.