Student Accounts

Employee Waivers


Employees of the State University of New York may qualify for tuition waivers. Waivers may be offered through the employee's bargaining unit, and/or through the college where the employee works. Please contact your local bargaining unit representatives or human resource office where you are employed for information.

Employees of SUNY New Paltz must submit completed, approved waiver forms to the SUNY New Paltz Human Resources Office.

Employee waivers cover tuition only. Full time employees must submit a request to the Human Resources Office for a waiver of partial fees. Part time employees are responsible for student fees and other charges. All charges that an employee is responsible for paying must be submitted by the payment deadline indicated.

For more information go to the Human Resources Web site.

Ensuring eligibility and payment of education benefits offered by external (non-SUNY) employers is the sole responsibility of the student. Payment deadlines and penalties still apply.