School of Science and Engineering

Research and Creative Activity

The School of Science and Engineering was established in 2001 to bring a science, engineering, and mathematics focus to the SUNY New Paltz campus.

Faculty in Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics are actively engaged in a wide range of research activities. The results of these research efforts are evident in a sustained level of peer-reviewed publications, faculty and student presentations at regional, national, and international professional meetings and conferences, as well as invited participation in seminar presentations at other universities and research centers.

Given the extraordinary developments in the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering, the faculty of SUNY New Paltz continue to be responsive to the education of their students by increasingly engaging their students within the learning process through "hands-on" research experiences. The role of research and scholarship are seen as integral components in the education of future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grants help fund the expenses, and provide stipends, for several student-faculty projects during the summer. Thanks to the generous backing of the Office of Academic Affairs, each semester the Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (RSCA) office also offers Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience (AYURE) grants to fund faculty-mentored student scholarship. 

In addition, as part of its continued mission to the campus and local community, the School of Science and Engineering sponsors an annual Harrington STEM Lecture Series on important scientific topics of major interest and concern. These lectures are presented by leading scientists who are also available to meet with faculty and students on the days of their visit to campus.