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Biochemistry is the scientific discipline that seeks to understand life at a very fundamental level. Students that are interested in the intersection of biology and chemistry will find our program provides a rigorous, hands-on experience and the opportunity to form intimate scholarly relationships with our faculty. A degree in Biochemistry is excellent preparation for further studies in other closely related fields such as pharmacology and health science or a variety of bachelor-level positions with laboratories, research facilities, private industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech firms.  Additionally, the unique inter-disciplinary nature of our liberal arts degree also builds skills in problem-solving and critical thinking that can be applied to a much broader range of career options in biology, chemistry, veterinary science, patent law and beyond.



Alumni Profiles: Alison Pletch, M.D. '12 (Biochemistry)

Resident M.D., Maine Medical Center

Alison Pletch, a 2012 graduate of the Biochemistry program, attributes much of her later success to her time at SUNY New Paltz.


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