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Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy

With major tracks in physics, astronomy, and adolescence education in physics, our students graduate with excellent employment potential in industry, teaching, research, and government. Our small class sizes and individual attention are complemented by cutting-edge technology, including a 14-inch Celestron Schmidt reflecting telescope at the Smolen Observatory, a state-of-the-art digital planetarium projector at our John R. Kirk Planetarium, and research-grade optics and photonics equipment. Recent faculty-led undergraduate research projects have included constructing tiny mechanical motors with specially designed laser beams, deviation from NFW dark matter halo projections in elliptical galaxies, and biogenic electric currents in early planarian regeneration. Our graduates go on to pursue Ph.D. and master’s degrees, find employment in the photonics and engineering industries, and teach high school physics.

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Click here to view the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday, March 19 in Wooster Hall.

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