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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

A mathematics degree from New Paltz accommodates both applied and theoretical interests, and provides exceptional preparation for future careers in law, medicine, education, insurance, and business.

Our small class sizes enable students to work closely with faculty and receive the personal attention that only a liberal arts education can offer. Recent research projects have included angular determinations in pentagons; software development for algebraic evolution; and modeling the success of protest groups, to name a few.

With major tracks in mathematics, adolescence education in mathematics, and elementary education in mathematics, our graduates go on to attend Ph.D. programs, work as financial analysts on Wall Street, secure positions at high-level companies like Microsoft, and teach mathematics in both public schools and the country's most prestigious universities.

Integration Bee Winners Announced!

The Spring 2019 Department of Mathematics Integration Bee was held on campus Wednesday, April 24. Thirty students dueled classmates in head-to-head battles to solve integrals as fast as possible - and to participate in this fun, social event.  
The culminating round pitted three contestants to determine the prize winners.  The first to find an antiderivative of x^3 exp[-x^2] was our champion! 

The winners are:
First:  Stephanos Tzouganatos (third-time champion and math lab tutor)
Second:  Pooneh Kardgar
Third:  Atta Boateng
Congratulations to the winners and everyone who came to compete or spectate!