Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics: Major

Major in Mathematics - 53-61 credits

Required Mathematics courses......................36 credits
MAT251 Calculus I (4)
MAT252 Calculus II (4)
MAT260 Introduction to Proof (3)
MAT303 Foundations of Analysis (3)
MAT304 Foundations of Algebra (3)
MAT353 Calculus III (4)
MAT359 Ordinary Differential Equations (3) OR MAT341 Applied Math I (3)
MAT362 Linear Algebra (3)
MAT381 Probability and Statistics I (3)
MAT431 Real Analysis I (3)
MAT441 Abstract Algebra I (3)

Elective courses................................................9 credits
A total of 9 credits in mathematics courses at the 300 level or above, selected from the following:

MAT310 Number Theory (3)
MAT331 Axiomatic Geometry (3)
MAT332 Modern Geometry (3)
MAT342 Applied Mathematics II (3)
MAT354 Calculus IV (3)
MAT363 Combinatorics (3)
MAT375 Numerical Methods (3)
MAT382 Probability & Statistics II (3)
MAT393 Math Selected Topic
MAT432 Real Analysis II (3)
MAT442 Abstract Algebra II (3)
MAT483 Actuarial Mathematics (3)
MAT488 Partial Differential Equations (3)
MAT490 Research in Mathematics
MAT493 Math Selected Topic
MAT495 Independent Study Mathematics

These courses may not be used to fulfill the upper-division elective requirement: MAT320, MAT341, MAT359, MAT380, MAT399.

Required science sequence...............................8 credits
Select one of the following science sequences:
PHY201 General Physics I (3) + PHY211 Physics I Lab (1)
PHY202 General Physics II (3) + PHY212 General Physics II Lab (1)
CPS210 Computer Science I (4)
CPS310 Computer Science II (4)

Additional science sequence (6-8 credits), by advisement
Select one of the following GE Natural Science sequences:

  • BIO201 General Biology I (3), BIO211 General Biology I Lab (1), BIO202 General Biology II (3), and General Biology II Lab (1)
  • CHE201 General Chemistry I (3), CHE211 General Chemistry I Lab (1), CHE202 General Chemistry II (3), and CHE212 General Chemistry II Lab (1)
  • GLG201 Physical Geology (3), GLG211 Physical Geology I Lab (1), and GLG202 Historical Geology (4)
  • PHY201 General Physics I (3), PHY211 Physics I Lab (1), PHY202 General Physics II (3), and PHY212 General Physics II Lab (1)

or, if GE Natural Science is complete, select one of these sequences: 

  • CPS210 Computer Science I (4) and CPS310 Computer Science II (4)
  • ECO206 Principles of Microeconomics (3) and ECO207 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)