Undergraduate Catalog

Introduction to General Education

SUNY New Paltz’s General Education (GE) program lays the foundation for students' intellectual development by providing a broad knowledge base, essential communication skills, and opportunities to explore new perspectives, ways of thinking, arguing, and being. GE courses teach students how to think instead of what to think. New Paltz's diverse GE course offerings develop students' capacity for lifetime learning and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

In Fall 2019, New Paltz introduced its revised General Education program, known as GE4. Students who matriculate in Fall 2019 or after will meet the new GE4 requirements.

Students who matriculated at New Paltz prior to Fall 2019 will complete the requirements under which they entered the College, known as GE3 (GE III).

For more information about GE3 and GE4 requirements, visit the pages linked below.

Learn More About General Education:

  • GE4: For students who matriculate Fall 2019 and after
  • GE3 (GE III): For students who matriculated Fall 2003 through Spring 2019