Undergraduate Catalog

General Education 4 (GE4)

GE4 requirements apply to students who matriculated at New Paltz from fall 2019 through spring 2023.

General Education 4 (GE4) provides students with a broad foundation for academic and professional development and for personal exploration. It encourages students to take chances in new and unfamiliar fields and to develop a broad knowledge base and essential communication skills that they will draw upon throughout their lives.

GE4 is organized around three categories of knowledge:

Category I: Foundation Skills - develops skills in basic communication, mathematics, and foreign language.

  • Mathematics (one course)
  • Basic Communication (one course; a prerequisite course may be required based on placement level)
  • Foreign Language (two consecutive elementary courses OR one elementary and one intermediate course in a single language, OR one intermediate course; requirement depends on language placement level)

Category II: Exposure to the Disciplines - introduces art, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences and the different "ways of knowing" that these disciplines represent.

  • The Arts (one course, minimum 3 credits)
  • Humanities (one course)
  • Natural Sciences (one lab science course or two non-lab science courses)
  • Social Sciences (one course)

Category III: Regions of the World - explores questions about identity and encourages students to become informed, engaged, and thoughtful citizens of the world.

  • United States Studies (one course)
  • Western Civilization (one course)
  • World Civilizations (one course)

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