Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success

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Old Main Building, Room B106

1 Hawk Dr.
New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: 845-257-3580

Instagram: @npstudentsuccess


Our Mission

The Center for Student Success promotes student learning, academic engagement, and timely degree completion through the coordination of peer-based academic support programs. The Center fosters student persistence and enhanced individualized student outcomes through timely communication between faculty, staff, and students.

Through collaborative efforts with faculty, academic departments and student services, the Center provides an inclusive, student-oriented learning environment which stimulates academic engagement and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and personal attributes in support of lifelong learning.

Our Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in our services (peer advising, writers’ studio, subject tutoring), students will:

  • Be able to identify skills and strategies to study effectively, manage time, and set and achieve academic goals.
  • Be able to utilize skills and strategies to solve novel problems across academic disciplines and overcome obstacles to learning.
  • Gain confidence in their ability to persist in their academic pathway at New Paltz toward a timely graduation.

Students employed at the Center for Student Success (Peer Advisors, Peer Writing Consultants, and Peer Subject Tutors) will:

  • Develop a comprehensive set of skills and tools to communicate effectively in order to build rapport, facilitate learning, and work across differences.
  • Develop a personal leadership style that leverages individual strengths and guides and motivates peers.