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Center for Student Success

Join our team

Are you interested in joining our team?

The Center for Student Success offers the rare opportunity to serve as a student leader on campus in an academic capacity while supporting your leadership and interpersonal skills development - skills and attributes that are valued by employers, grad schools, and professional programs.

These paid positions include customized training in learning facilitation and ongoing reflective leadership practice, all within an inclusive, supportive environment.

We seek undergraduate students with empathy, patience, and a helping disposition who are interested in developing skills for college and career!

What positions are available?

Peer Academic Success Coaches (PASCs):

Meet one-on-one with students to develop an academic success plan for the semester. Help students identify strengths and where they can improve their skills in order to better succeed. Topics covered include but are not limited to, time management, goal setting, organization techniques, and note taking strategies.

Applicants for the PASC Position must:
  • Be a junior or senior with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Maintain student confidentiality and personal boundaries
  • Be able to effectively handle students’ issues and concerns
  • Engage in reflective practice
Subject Tutors: 

Work with small groups of up to 5 students to help them develop strategies and tools to support learning in one of our offered courses.  Encourage critical thinking, academic independence, and the progression of the learning process through questioning. Click here to see a list of courses supported.

 Applicants for the Subject Tutor Position must:
  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate with a 3.0+ GPA
  • Have completed 30+ credit hours; 12 credits must be from New Paltz
  • Have received at least a B+ in the course they wish to tutor
  • Have taken the course tutored in the past 3 years
Peer Writing Consultants:

Work one-on-one with students at any stage of the writing process to help them build writing skills.  Whether brainstorming, outlining, or organizing a draft, peer writing consultants ask questions, suggest strategies, and introduce students to resources to help them grow and develop as writers.

Applicants for the Peer Writing Consultant Position must:
  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate with a 3.0+ GPA
  • Have a B+ in an English or writing intensive course
  • Have completed 30+ credit hours; 12 credits must be from New Paltz
  • Have a strong interest and ability in writing, respect for individual differences, and a desire to help others grow

How do I apply?

The hiring process includes an application, two professor references, and an interview.

Applications for Fall are due by Wednesday, April 11th 2018.

If interested, email css@newpaltz.edu with your desired position in the subject line or come into the Center (OM B106) for an application.  Applications should be dropped off in person to Old Main B106 by the above deadline.