Health Career Advisement Program

Health Career Advisement Program

Welcome to SUNY New Paltz's Health Career Advisement Program. We offer a variety of majors and programs suitable for students with health-related career aspirations.  We routinely place our graduates into professional schools in medicine, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant programs, physical therapy and other health related fields.

To explore career options and academic programs best suited for your interests, please arrange to meet with our advisors. Please note that we are only able to assist currently enrolled SUNY New Paltz students or those looking to transfer into our programs:

Medicine, Physician Assistant and Dental: Debra Adair, Ph.D.

ADDMP, BS/DO and BS/OD programs: Thomas Nolen, Ph.D.

Veterinary Med: Aaron Haselton, Ph.D.

Optometry, Physical Therapy and all other Allied Health areas:  Thomas Nolen, Ph.D.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your professional journey!