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Evolutionary Studies Program

Evolutionary Studies Program

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Welcome to the home of the Evolutionary Studies program at SUNY New Paltz!

This program, funded partly with a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation, is modeled after a similar program at Binghamton University directed by David Sloan Wilson. This program fosters opportunities for faculty and students at New Paltz to (a) develop a deep understanding of evolutionary ideas, (b) conduct cross-disciplinary research using evolution as a synthesizing paradigm, and (c) contribute to novel ideas across disciplines guided by evolutionary reasoning.

Given the major force that evolutionary theory has come to be in fields such as psychology and anthropology, evolution isn't just for biologists anymore! We believe that academics have just started to scratch the surface when it comes to utilizing and applying evolution. We further believe that an accurate, broad, and deep understanding of evolutionary principles will be an important tool for future scholars and thinkers across academic disciplines.

Streaming videos of the New Paltz EvoS talks are found here. The broader set of EvoS videos (including videos from Binghamton's EvoS series) can be found at

» The New Paltz EvoS Minor can be completed FULLY ONLINE IN SUMMERS!

» EvoS: The Evolutionary Studies Consortium (

» Brief Video of EvoS Founding Director, Glenn Geher, Discussing the Program

EvoS Executive Board

EvoS Affiliated Faculty

If you are interested in participating in this program in the capacity of being a:

  • student in the program
  • faculty member who offers content courses in the program
  • faculty member who offers courses that take a critical perspective regarding evolution
  • benefactor looking for a worthy cause to support financially
  • someone who is interested in presenting a seminar in our Spring seminar series

    ...please contact the EvoS program director Tom Nolen (

Contact Information

Tom Nolen, EvoS Director
Professor of Biology
Office: SH 152
Phone: 845-257-3753

Glenn Geher, EvoS Founding Director
Professor of Psychology
Office: WH 362
Phone: 845-257-3091

EvoS Assistant Spring 2023 Office Hours

Kaitlyn Longo (

Office: WH 303

Email for appointment

Information on how to sign up for a contract major is found here.