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Summer Grants

The Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (RSCA) office provides the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant. This grant supports faculty-mentored undergraduate student projects during an 8-week summer period.




Supplemental Rising Sophomore Award

SURE grants are typically awarded only to advanced students, due to the level of experience required to conduct a SURE project. But even less advanced students can benefit from participating in a project like this. Doing so may position them to develop a fruitful long-term collaboration with the faculty mentor or prepare them for later grant opportunities.

Therefore, as a supplement to the SURE award, we offer the Rising Sophomore Award to a rising sophomore (someone in between first and second years) who works on the project with the faculty mentor and the upperclass SURE student. This award provides up to $3,400 stipend (hourly rate) for 300 hours of work, and an additional $300 stipend to the mentor. The award is not a stand-alone award; it must be associated with a funded SURE project. See the application below for details and expectations.



These competitive grants are open to all undergraduate students and their full-time faculty mentors. 

Projects must satisfy these core criteria are:

  • Through one-on-one training from the faculty expert, the project extends the student’s learning and professional development beyond what is possible in the classroom.
  • Projects are also intensive, taking the 8-week summer period (or longer) to complete. Mentors should meet regularly each week with their student to discuss progress and problems that arise during the semester.
  • The student is involved at a high level in multiple phases of the project.

Most projects involve only one faculty mentor and one student. But we have occasionally supported larger projects with two faculty mentors and/or two students who split the award.


SURE 2022 Application Materials


Samples of Prior Proposals (pdfs)

*These samples use discontinued proposal forms. None should be viewed as a flawless model to imitate. Rather, they should be viewed as good models for clarity in particular.  

SURE 2022 Award Winners


Michael Anderson, Mathematics, ‘23

Mentor: Anca Radulescu, Mathematics

Synchronization and Clustering in Realistic Reticular Thalamic Brain Architectures


Brooke Cammann, Art History & Chemistry, ‘23

Mentor: Keely Heuer, Art History

From “Perfecting” to Stabilization: The Evolution of Ancient Italian Bronzeworking Conservation


Elina Dart, Economics, ‘23

Mentor: Edith Kuiper, Economics

Sadie Alexander and the Economics Science of Her Time


Paloma Estess, Biology: Environmental Concentration, ‘22

Mentor: David Richardson, Biology

Vertical Distribution and Diel Vertical Migration of Zooplankton in Regional Lakes


Gabriella Gilbride, History, ‘24

Mentor: Reynolds Scott-Childress, History

Coloring Race: The American Transformation of Group Categories, 1890-1910


Vanessa Grisales, Early Childhood Education (Concentration: History), ‘23

Mentor: Kiersten Greene, Teaching & Learning

Transinclusive Education in K-12 & Educator Preparation


Jeffrey Kitchen, Chemistry, ‘22

Alice Rojas, Geology, ‘23

Julia Cannizzo (rising sophomore award), Geology, ‘24

Mentor:  Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Geography

Trace Element (TE) Contamination of Kale by Atmospheric Deposition in Urban Community Gardens (UCGs)


Jake Pennisi, Mechanical Engineering; Digital Design & Fabrication, ‘23

Mentor: Kevin Shanley, Engineering

Agilus-30 Permeability and Its Role in Water Filtration


Matthew Pisano, Computer Science, ‘22

Mentor: Jaiung Jun, Mathematics

Jacobians of Graphs and Related Topics


Annabella Russo, Sociology, Criminology Concentration, ‘23

Mentor: Anna Gjika, Sociology

Rape Victims on Trial: Digital Evidence in Sexual Assault Proceedings


Canis Speranza, Biology-Psychology, ‘22

Mentor: Miles Wilklow-Marnell, Chemistry

Biological Effects of Betulinic Triterpenoids Derived from Native Birch and Sycamore Barks


Danielle Takacs, Biology, Organismal Track, ‘23

Sam Mustafa (rising sophomore award), Environmental Biology, ‘25

Mentor: Kara Belinsky, Biology

A Bird’s-eye View of How Wildlife is Affected by Development in the Hudson Valley


Carolyn Weinstein, Geography, History & Political Science, ‘23

Mentor: John Sharp, Geography

Breaking Barriers at Land Grant Institutions: A Historic Geography


Harel Yosef, Mechanical Engineering, ‘24

Mentor: Mahdi Farahikia, Engineering

Nature-Inspired Flow-Sensing Microphone Technology



SURE 2021 Showcase

  To learn about the 2021 SURE projects, please visit its Symposium site.