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Division of Engineering Programs

Electrical Engineering

At SUNY New Paltz, we realize the didactic challenge of teaching undergraduates how to a) Develop an analytical mind, capable of comparing qualitatively and quantitatively all possible solutions to a given problem, and finding the best one; b) Acquire design skills for creating electrical circuits/systems that perform a function under a pre-defined performance; c) Work in teams efficiently, mimicking a situation that will prevail at the work site after graduation; d) Communicate efficiently both verbally and in writing.

Our curriculum is rigorous in creating the fundamental background in mathematics and science. The core courses are exciting yet challenging. Our technical electives cover all electrical engineering fields: Electronics, Computers, Systems, Energy and Electromagnetism.

The small class sizes at SUNY New Paltz allow for personalized interaction with our students, the ability to detect and correct study deficiencies promptly, and provide valuable advice on how to improve student-learning. 

Design skills are perhaps the most outstanding traits of a good electrical engineer. Therefore, design is embedded in the EE curriculum starting with “Introduction to Engineering" and culminating with the Senior Design Project. At the end of Senior Design, students participate in a Design EXPO where they must demonstrate their design product and present to a panel of judges, many of whom are professional engineers. 

In addition, many of our students go beyond design and engage themselves in undergraduate research under the guidance of our expert EE Faculty. This eventually leads to admission for MS and PhD degrees at renowned institutions.

Our Program Educational Objectives (PEO) can be summarized as: I) Our graduates will obtain engineering positions and/or II) They will be accepted for graduate studies at prestigious institutions. We are proud to say that we consistently achieve our PEO. Our alumni hold engineering positions at corporations such as IBM, Lockheed Martin and Central Hudson, just to name a few. Other alumni have pursued graduate studies and graduated from great institutions such as John Hopkins, Stanford, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Nano-technology.

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Alumni Profiles: Karyn Hurley '00

Electrical Engineering, software development engineer for IBM

"I dove in and when I got my degree I had a huge smile on my face. I want other students to know that feeling of achievement."


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