Division of Engineering Programs


New York Clean Energy Workforce Training Team (NYCEWATT)

A collaboration of SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Polytechnic
Funded by a grant from the SUNY Clean Energy Workforce Opportunity Program


The goal of this initial phase of NYCEWATT is to create a set of modules that will show how basic mechanical and civil engineering principles can be applied to the siting, design and function of wind turbines. 

Windpower is one of the most important options for generating carbon-free electricity as a way to combat the growing negative consequences of global climate change.  Installing a significant amount of wind generation will be a massive task.  New York State has set a goal of installing 9000 MW of off-shore wind generators by 2035 (https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/all-programs/programs/offshore-wind), enough to power 6 million homes.  Many, many engineers will be required to design, manufacture, install and maintain this massive infrastructure.  The goal of NYCEWATT is create and teach courses that will educate undergraduate engineering students about wind power to encourage them to enter this vital field. 

The courses are all 1 credit modules that will each be taught for one-third of the semester.  The courses will be entirely online with one synchronous meeting each week and will be taught by engineering faculty at SUNY Polytechnic and SUNY New Paltz.  All of the modules are open to students from both colleges and two of the modules will be co-taught by faculty from both institutions.  All of the modules will count as technical electives in the engineering programs at New Paltz and Polytechnic. 

Note: even though the dates for each module overlap on the schedule, it will be possible to take 3 of the modules during the semester for a total of 3 credits.

Fall 2022 the following modules will be offered: 



Procedure for Cross-Registering at a different campus.  This is to register for one of the modules that is not taught at your home campus.  To register for a module at your home campus you can use your normal registration procedure. 

  1. Follow this link: https://www.suny.edu/crossregistration/
  2. Click on Request Form
  3. Select your home campus and login
  4. Click on Requests
  5. Click on New Request
  6. Fill in all of the information. Under Read for Request, you should choose “Equivalent course is nor being offered at the home campus”
  7. Fill in the SUNY Host Institution Course Information from the table above
  8. You will need to upload an official copy of your transcript to show that you meet the course prerequisites
  9. Make sure you hit the Submit button