Undergraduate Research

Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium (SRS), our end-of-year showcase event, is open to undergraduate and graduate students who have completed an original project under faculty supervision – for example, as part of an independent study, honors thesis, masters thesis, seminar study, or other supervised work.

Projects are welcome from all scholarly disciplines and can take numerous forms, such as critical reviews, laboratory projects, field studies, or creative works. Whatever its form, the presentation allows students to share their project with a broad audience. 

2021 Student Research Symposium

The 2021 SRS was online on April 30. We had 50 presentations performed by 105 students representing 20 majors, supported by 28 faculty mentors across 16 departments. The SRS 2021 SRS Program Book includes a list of presentions.


The SRS site will remain available during the 2021 summer. There, you can find students' posters and accompanying video presentations, as well as the prizes given to various presentations. 

Visit the 2021 SRS Site


Poster Presentation Suggestions

Please see our Poster Presentation Tips for an orientation to poster presentations, plus guidelines and suggestions on how to create effective posters for your presentation. It also provides links to several useful websites with additional advice.

Download our Poster Templates, created in PowerPoint, if interested in seeing different ways to format a poster. These templates are all in SUNY New Paltz colors. 


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