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Undergraduate Research
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Academic Year Grants

Each semester, the Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (RSCA) office offers the Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience (AYURE) grant to support faculty-mentored student scholarship. 


AYURE Program Funding


These competitive grants are open to all undergraduate students and their full-time faculty mentors.

Projects must satisfy these core criteria:

  • Through one-on-one training from the faculty expert, the project extends the student’s learning and professional development beyond what is possible in the classroom.
  • Projects are also intensive, taking the semester or longer to complete. Mentors should meet at least weekly with their student to discuss progress and problems that arise during the semester.
  • The student is involved at a high level in multiple phases of the project.

Most projects involve only one faculty mentor and one student. But we have occasionally supported larger projects with two faculty mentors and/or two students.

AYURE Application

You might find it useful to study the AYURE Proposal Evaluation sheet (pdf) used by the review committee. 


Samples of Prior Proposals (pdfs)

*These sample proposals were for our summer grant (SURE). That application is very similar to the AYURE one. Each was considered strong by the RSCA Board, though, of course, none are flawless. Note that the application questions in these older samples might be slightly different than those on the current application. 

 Congratulations to all Spring 2023 AYURE award recipients!


Anthony, Mireya (Biology), '24

Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology)

Project Title: Large Plasmid Isolation and Sequence Analysis


Wood, Caz (Chemistry and Psychology), '24

Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry)

Project Title: Spectroscopic Studies of Chiral Molecular Recognition


Fisher, Trevor (Cellular Biology), '24

Faculty Mentor: Maureen Morrow (Biology)

Project Title: Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Bacterial Isolates


Grodin, Ryan (Chemistry), '25

Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry)

Project Title: Stereoselective Alkylation of DACH-based Diimines


Mohrmann, Summer (English), '24

Faculty Mentor: Michelle Woods (English)

Project Title: Narrative Reclamation and the Therapeutic Application of Story


Novogrebelsky, Brina (History & English/Creative Writing Concentration), '23

Faculty Mentor: Michelle Woods (English)

Project Title: Post-Soviet Jewish Milieu: An Exploration of Immigrant Literature by Jewish Women from the Former Soviet Union


Reymann, William (Theatre), '24

Duggan-Haas, Kiana (Theatre and Linguistics)

Faculty Mentor: Tony Speciale (Theatre Arts)

Project Title: Smaller This Year


Speranza, Lucia (Biology and Psychology), '23

Faculty Mentor: Miles Wilklow-Marnell (Chemistry)

Project Title: Swapping Arsenic into Phosphorous Based Ligands for Dehydrogenation Catalysts: Poison or Promising?


Vaynerchuk, Alex (Theatre Arts), '23

Faculty Mentor: Tony Speciale (Theatre Arts)

Project Title: Love in All Its Glory


Yosef, Harel (Mechanical Engineering), '24

Faculty Mentor: Mahdi Farahikia (Engineering)

Project Title: Nature-Inspired Flow-Sensing Microphone Technology