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Support our scholarships or establish your own Endowed Scholarships

Thanks to a generous contribution from McKenna Productions, these six endowed scholarship funds were established in honor of six beloved theatre professors at SUNY New Paltz:

  1. Joseph C. Paparone Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund supports theatre student attendance at performance festivals such as The Humana Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, the KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival).
  2. Professor Frank Kraat Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund supports one-time scholarships for students to attend the London Theatre Seminar.
  3. Professor Raymond T. Kurdt Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fundsupports student travel to attend conferences like the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) annual national conference.
  4. Dr. Beverly M. Brumm Endowed Scholarship Fundsupports an annual non-renewable scholarship to a Theatre Arts major with a concentration in Theatre Performance entering their senior year.
  5. Professor Dan E. Swartz Endowed Scholarship Fund supports an annual non-renewable scholarship to two Theatre Arts majors with a concentration in Theatre Design and Technology entering their senior year.   
  6. Professor Vera Irwin Endowed Scholarship Fund supports scholarships to two incoming students whose audition or portfolio shows potential and whose interviews showed determination.

“These funds help recognize the many hardworking students and their admirable devotion to theatre arts.”
-Joseph C. Paparone, professor emeritus, SUNY New Paltz Department of Theatre Arts

New scholarships and gifts:

If you would like to establish a named endowed or annual scholarship fund, please contact Barbara Caldwell in the Development Office at 845-257-3958.

We welcome gifts of all sizes in support of the Department of Theatre Arts! Give here. Thank you. 

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