Undergraduate Catalog

Theatre Arts: Minor

Minor in Theatre Arts - 24 credits

Any ONE of the following:
THE235 Introduction to Theatre (3)
THE251 Foundations: Theory and Collaboration (3)

Any THREE of the following:
THE252 Introduction to Theatre Production (3)
THE253 Costume Production I (3)
THE260 Introduction to Design (3)
THE231 Introduction to Performance (3)
THE230 Introduction to Acting (3)
THE337 Introduction to Movement (3)

Any TWO of the following:
THE321 Theatre History I (3)
THE322 Theatre History II (3)
THE232 European Drama (3)
THE233 Western Drama I (3)
THE234 Western Drama II (3)
THE237 African American Drama (3)
THE239 History of Western Fashion (3)
THE327 Race, Gender and Performance (3)
THE420 American Musical Theatre (3)

TWO elective courses selected from existing Theatre courses or selected topics:
Elective Courses (6)