Major in Theatre Arts - 52 credits

Effective Fall 2011, students majoring in Theatre Arts are required to complete a minor.

NOTE: A grade of "C-" or better must be earned in all Theatre courses to earn credit toward a Theatre Arts major.

Substitutions for courses in any specific area of the program may be approved by the department chair.

Theatre Core Requirements.............................34 credits

THE231 Acting I (3)
THE233 Western Drama I (3)
THE234 Western Drama II (3)
THE251 Theatre One (3)
THE252 Introduction to Theatre Technology (3)
THE253 Costume Construction I (3)
THE260 Introduction to Design (3)
THE301 Theatre Arts Participation (1)*
THE301 Theatre Arts Participation (1)*
THE301 Theatre Arts Participation (1)*
THE301 Theatre Arts Participation (1)*
THE321 Theatre History I (3)
THE322 Theatre History II (3)
THE465 Theatre IV (3)

*THE301 Theatre Arts Participation must be taken four times for a total of 4 credits.

Concentration Requirements.....................................18 credits

In addition to the above listed core courses, students must complete an 18-credit requirement in a selected concentration (Design and Technology, Performance, or Theatre Studies.)

Performance Concentration Requirement..................18 credits

THE334 Speech for the Stage (3)
THE332 Acting II (3)
THE337 Introduction to Dance/Movement (3)
Upper-Division Concentration Electives (6)
Non-Concentration Elective (3)

Design and Technology Concentration Requirement.............18 credits

THE354 Scene Design I (3)
THE355 Costume Design I (3)
THE356 Lighting Design I (3)
THE261 Drawing and Painting for Theatre (3)
Upper-Division Concentration Elective (3)
Non-Concentration Elective (3)

Theatre Studies Concentration Requirement…………….18 credits

THE324 Dramaturgy (3)
Upper-Division Concentration Elective (3)
Non-Concentration Elective (3)

Any one of the following Literature Courses:

THE271 Page to Stage: Dramatic Text Analysis (3)

THE327 Race, Gender and Performance (3)

THE420 American Musical Theatre (3)

THE237 African American Drama (3)

THE238 History of American Theatre & Drama (3)

Any one of the following Directing Courses:

THE441 Directing I (3)

THE325 Playmaking (3)

Any one of the following Management Courses:

THE344 Theatre Management (3)
THE342 Stage Management (3)

List of Theatre Electives:
Performance = P; Design/Technical =DT; * = entrance by audition/interview

THE211 Rehearsal and Production (1) P/DT
THE212 Rehearsal and Production (2) P/DT
THE213 Rehearsal and Production (3) P/DT
THE241 Mind and Movement (2) P/DT
THE295 Independent Study in TA (3) P/DT
THE303 Voice for Theatre I (3) P
THE304 Voice for Theatre II (3) P
THE305 Musical Theatre Workshop I (3) P*
THE306 Musical Theatre Workshop II (3) P*
THE310 Live Theatre Experience (3) P/DT
THE325 Playmaking (3) P
THE332 Acting II (3) P
THE333 Acting III (3) P*
THE334 Speech for the Stage (3) P
THE335 Stage Makeup I (3) P/DT
THE336 Stage Makeup II (3) P/DT*
THE337 Introduction to Dance/Movement (3) P
THE338 Tap Dance I (3) P
THE339 Jazz I (3) P
THE341 Dialects for the Stage (3) P*
THE342 Stage Management (3) DT
THE343 Scene Painting (3) DT*
THE345 Jazz Dance II (3) P*
THE346 Tap Dance II (3) P*
THE347 Choreography for Musical Theatre (3) P*
THE351 Drafting for the Theatre (3) DT
THE352 Introduction to Computer Assisted Design (3) DT
THE353 Costume Construction 2 (3) DT
THE354 Scene Design 1 (3) DT
THE362 Improvisation and Performance (3) P
THE363 Scene Study (3) P*
THE364 A Modern Approach to Ballet (2)
THE365 Theatrical Movement Technique (2)
THE371 Text Analysis for the Actor (3) P*
THE411 Rehearsal and Production (1) P/DT
THE412 Rehearsal and Production (2) P/DT
THE413 Rehearsal and Production (3) P/DT
THE420 American Musical Theatre (3) P
THE425 Multiculturalism and Theatre (3) P/DT
THE432 Acting IV (3) P*
THE441 Directing I (3) P/DT
THE442 Directing II (3) P*
THE451 Portfolio Development Seminar (3) DT*
THE453 Costume Crafts (3) DT*
THE454 Scene Design 2 (3) DT*
THE455 Costume Design 2 (3) DT*
THE456 Lighting Design 2 (3) DT*
THE490 Senior Project in Theatre (3)
THE492 Fieldwork in Professional Theatre (3) DT*
THE494 Fieldwork in Theatre (3-15) P/DT*
THE495 Independent Study in TA (2-4) P/DT*
THE594 Fieldwork in TA (3-15) P/DT*
THE293, THE393, THE493 Selected Topics (1-3)

Some of the titles recently offered as Selected Topics:
Introduction to Autocad (3)
Broadway Dance Styles (3)
History of Costume (3)
Making Dance (3)
Stage Combat (2)
Mask and Mime (2)
Lighting Design I (3)
Movement in Asian Theatre (2)