State University of New York at New Paltz

Frisbee on the Old Main Quad means it must be springtime at SUNY New Paltz! Whenever there is nice weather, students can be found on the quad playing games and relaxing.

Two residence halls border the Old Main Quad: Shango Hall and College Hall. These two halls made up the first residence hall on campus, known for their unique construction, murals and traditions housing a very close-knit community. They are close to the academic buildings and are the closest residence halls to downtown New Paltz.

One of the academic buildings that borders the Old Main Quad is the Old Library Building. Built in 1954 and renovated in 1989, Old Library was the first free-standing library building on campus. Today, the facilities for the photography and graphic design programs are located here.

College Hall (the Music Building), the academic section of Shango/College Hall, is located between the two residence halls. Originally called the College Union, College Hall first served as the social and cultural center of campus. Today, it houses the Music and Music Therapy Departments, as well as the Honors Center.

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