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Resources for Parents & Families

Resources for Parents & Families

We're honored that your student has chosen to have their college experience here at New Paltz. We recognize that this is a new journey for you, too.

The health, safety and comfort of our students are of utmost importance to us. We look forward to helping you make this a fulfilling and successful endeavor for your whole family.

Questions? Visit the Center for Student Development.

Frequently Asked Questions


+  Will there be orientation this summer?

Yes! We are very excited to welcome your student to New Paltz. Due to Covid 19, orientation for ALL new students will be online this summer. Once your student has paid their pre-enrollment deposit, they will begin receiving communications from us. In the coming months, we will begin emailing their hawkmail account on how to complete orientation and course registration so they will be prepared for the fall semester.

+  Will there be an in-person orientation?

At the current time, we are still planning to host Orientation Part II & Welcome Week on campus the week before classes start. However, this is subject to change based on statewide directives in place at the time. We will communicate updates as we know them.

+  My student is commuting, do they need to complete orientation?

Yes, ALL students will need complete the online orientation program. Additionally, we will have sessions throughout the summer dedicated to resources available for commuter students and students will have the opportunity to meet other commuters. Your student will also be meeting their Orientation Leader or Transfer Liaison who will provide support for them throughout the academic year.

+  Will there be a specific orientation program for parents?

Stay tuned as we work to plan a comprehensive orientation experience. Continue to check this page for updates throughout the summer and reach out to us at orientation@newpaltz.edu with any questions you might have.

+  Is there a fee for orientation?

There is no fee for the online orientation. If there is an Orientation Part II, a fee will be collected at that time.

+  Will my student be able to meet other new students this summer?

Yes! First-year students will be assigned an Orientation Leader/Peer Mentor and transfer students will have access to a Transfer Liaison. Throughout the summer, OL’s & TL’s will be hosting virtual gatherings and meet ups for their students. Additionally, there will be a calendar of online meet-ups hosted by different departments on campus where students may have the opportunity to meet other students with common interests.

+  My student is in the EOP program, is there anything special I should do?

Your student will be receiving information directly from the EOP program throughout the summer and will be attending an orientation just for EOP students, in addition to completing the mandatory online orientation.

Advising & Course Registration

+  When will my student register for courses?

After your student completes all the components of the mandatory online orientation, they will be able to begin the advising and course registration process. We anticipate course registration in July for transfer students and August for first-year students.

+  Will my student have an advisor?

Yes. Depending on their major and whether they a first-year or transfer, your student will work with either an advisor from their department or from the Office of Academic Advising.

Opportunities at New Paltz

+  Does New Paltz have any learning communities my student can participate in?

Yes, New Paltz has six Living/Learning Communities that first-year students can participate in: the Communities at New Paltz program ; includes; Leadership, Health & Wellness, Service Learning, Career Exploration, Sustainability, or Rivera House (LGBTQ + and their allies). 

Transfer students can participate in three Living/Learning Communities including; the Transfer LLC, Sustainability LLC, or the Rivera House LLC (LGBTQ+ and allies). For information on all of these programs, please visit


+  What are the requirements for the Honor’s Program?

The Honor’s Department website has information and an application available on their website.

+  My student needs an academic accommodation. How do I go about getting them registered with the college?

You can contact the Disability Resource Center at or visit their website for more information on accommodations

Money Matters

+  I have questions about my financial aid, how can I get some answers?

Many answers to financial aid and financial aid related questions can be found by visiting: https://www.newpaltz.edu/financialaid/

On that webpage you will find helpful information about applications, checklists, FAQs and more.

The Office of Student Financial Services can be reached by sending an email to fao@newpaltz.edu. The office is located on the first floor of Wooster Hall, the telephone number is (845) 257-3250, the fax number is (845) 257-3568 and the mailing address is 200 Hawk Drive, New Paltz NY 12561

+  When will I get a bill for tuition and other fees?

Once your student has registered for their fall course schedule, a bill will be generated to their my.newpaltz.edu account. More information can be found on the Student Accounts webpage.

+  You mean parents/guardians do not get a bill directly?

As with other personal records, students 18 and over control who receives financial information related to college expenses. This confuses many parents at first. After all, if we’re paying those bills, how come we don’t receive them automatically? Thankfully, it’s easy for your student to grant you access to our my.newpaltz.edu billing system.

Campus Life

+  My student is planning on living on-campus. How will room sign-up work?

All students that have paid both the $150 Pre-enrollment Deposit and the $100 Advance Room Deposit will receive an email with more information regarding room and roommate assignments as well as other housing information by May 20th. Students that pay their deposits after May 20th will receive the email with housing information within 10 days after their payments are received.

+  How are roommates assigned?

New students will submit a roommate matching survey in July. The survey asks questions about living habits, such as what time they typically go to bed, cleanliness, frequency of overnight guests and allergies among other things.

The survey allows new students who know each other to request each other as roommates. Students that request each other will be placed together. For students that do not know specific people they want to live with, we will use their survey answers to match them with people that have similar living habits.

+  When will I know where I am living and who my roommate(s) are?

Right now, we are projecting to let students know in the first two weeks of August. 

+  My student will be living on campus this fall. How can I find out what they need to bring?

Visit the Department of Residence Life’s website to find out information on living on campus.

+  What dining options are available for my student?

Please visit the Campus Dining Services website for information on the wide variety of food options and what dining plans are available to your student.

+  My student is on a restricted diet, who can I talk to?

Our Dining Services colleagues are attuned to medical and religious dietary restrictions. They can accommodate nearly any requirement your own student might have, at no extra cost, as part of our standard meal plan. After you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with our services, please encourage your student to reach out to Dining Services, whose experts work most effectively when they work directly with students themselves.

+  Can I rent or bring a refrigerator or microwave?

The campus does provide rental of a microfridge, which is the only option if you would like your student to have access to a microwave. Due to safety issues, standlone microwaves are not allowed. However, personal refrigerators are permitted.

+  Can I order my student’s textbooks online?

Yes, visit the campus bookstore website for information on buying and renting books. They also have an online store to buy your New Paltz gear so you can show your NP spirit off before you get to campus.

+  What happens if my student gets sick? Do you have a campus health center?

Yes, please visit the Student Health Center website for information about the immunization form that is required and for a description of their hours and services.

+  Does New Paltz have a police department?

Student safety is a strong priority in the New Paltz community. Learn more about our 24 hour University Police department and their services here.

+  Do you have an alert system?

Yes, students can sign up for NP Alert which is used to communicate emergencies as well school cancellations and closings via text message. Your student can sign up multiple phone numbers to receive these messages.

+  Does New Paltz have computers on campus?

Yes, we have many computer and printing labs on campus. Visit Academic Computing for a list of locations or what equipment you will need if you are bringing your own.

+  What opportunities are available for my student to get involved in clubs and organizations

Student involvement is a priority in the New Paltz community. Visit the Center for Student Engagement for a listing of these clubs, organizations and events. Additionally, New Paltz hosts hundreds of arts, theatre, music, speaker and sporting events each year. These events are listed throughout the www.newpaltz.edu website.


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