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NOTICE: All Fine & Performing Arts events have been canceled due to restrictions on public gatherings imposed by New York State and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Academics: Concentrations: Performance

The Performance Concentration of the Department of Theatre Arts builds upon the core requirements of the Theatre Arts major, provides options for training, and culminates in Theatre Four taken in the Senior Year.  This is a course designed to help students transition into the profession with an understanding of the industry.

The Acting sequence is based upon the traditional teaching of Stanislavski, Hagen, Chekhov and Meisner delivered by committed teachers and mentors. Beyond Intro to Performance, Acting I and Acting II explore the process or character development and understanding the text.  Acting III, focuses on period styles. For additional acting classes, please see our courses.

Students interested in Music Theatre have numerous options in the coursework. Voice for Theatre I/II as well as Music Theatre Workshop prepare students with craft and technique.  There are supplemental offerings in Dance. For additional musical theatre classes, please see our courses.

Voice and Speech is taught through a sequence of three classes with a variety of methodologies: Fitzmaurice voice work, Lessac work, and the exercises of Cicely Berry and Patsy Rodenberg.  Students gain a working knowledge of safe vocal practice and learn the fundamentals of clear speech and rich vocal expressiveness. For additional voice and speech classes, please see our courses.

Movement introduces students to universal tools for the actor: grounded alignmentbreath, focusflexibilitypresencestillnessweight shifts, and ability to direct energy from their center to a partner, ensemble, and environment. Movement will be offered and layered in a sequence of three classes using methodologies that include Feldenkrais, Viewpoints, Chekhov, Yoga, Composition, and Trish Arnold work among others. There are supplemental offerings in Dance. For additional movement classes, please see our courses.


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