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For information about the certifications these programs may lead to, please review the program description listed in the catalog.


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School of Education

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 

School of Fine & Performing Arts

School of Business     |     School of Science & Engineering

  School of Education

Programs requiring NYS Teaching Certification for Application:
The Master of Science in Education (MSEd) degree is designed primarily for students who already hold initial NYS certification and are seeking a master's degree that will yield professional certification. The MSEd degree program in Second Language Education is our only program that leads to initial/professional certification.

Programs NOT requiring NYS Teaching Certification for Application:
The Master of Science in Teaching (MST) degree is designed for students seeking initial certification at the Childhood 1-6 level.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is designed for students seeking initial certification in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12).

 NYS Teaching Certificate required:

 Elementary Education
 MSEd Childhood Ed 1-6 (013C)
  -Early Childhood Ed (B-2) (13EC)
  -Science,Tech, Engr, Math (STEM)(13ST)
  -Reading/Literacy (13RL)

 Secondary Education
 MSEd Adolescence Ed 7-12
  -Biology (031B)
  -Chemistry (032B)
  -Earth Science (033B)
  -English (034B)
  -French (035B)
  -Spanish (039B)
  -Mathematics (037B)
  -Social Studies (040B)

 Literacy Education
  MSEd Literacy Ed. (B-6) (030A)
  MSEd Literacy Ed. (5-12) (030B)

 Special Education
  MSEd Childhood Spec. Ed (1-6) (060C)
  MSEd Early Childhood Spec. Ed (B-2) (060E)

 Art & Special Subjects Education 
  MSEd Visual Arts Education (050A)
  MPS Humanistic/Multicultural Ed (070)
   - Teaching Track:  (070C)
      -Family Consumer Science
      -Physical Education

 Educational Administration
  CAS School Leadership (401A)

 NYS Teaching Certificate NOT required:

 Elementary Education 
  MST Childhood Ed 1-6 (020C)
  MST Childhood Ed 1-6 & Early Childhood Ed B-2

 Secondary Education
 MAT Adolescence Ed 7-12 

   -Biology (101B)
   -Chemistry (104B)
   -Earth Science (102B)
   -English (103B)
   -French (105B)
   -Spanish (110B)
   -Mathematics (107B)
   -Social Studies (109B)


  Teaching English as a Second Language
    MSEd Second Language Education
    (TESOL) (065)


 Special Education

   MSEd Adolescence Special Education (060G)


 Multicultural Education
   MPS Humanistic/Multicultural Ed.
   - General Track (070G)

   Advanced Certificate Multicultural Ed. (071)


 Educational Administration
   MSEd School Leadership (080A)
   CAS Alt. Cert.: School Leadership (Trans D) (401B)

  College of Liberal Arts and  Sciences

  School of Fine and Performing Arts

 Communication Disorders
  MS Communication Disorders (090)
    -Speech-Language Disabilities (090I)
    -Speech-Language Pathology (090S)

  MA English (204)

 Counseling & Psychology
  MA Psychology (208)
  MS Mental Health Counseling (290)
  MS School Counseling (295)
  Advanced Certificate
  -Mental Health Counseling (291)
  -Trauma & Disaster Mental Health 
   Counseling (292)

 Visual Arts Education
   MSEd Visual Arts Ed Summer Intensive (050S)

 Music Therapy
   MS Music Therapy (285)

 Art Studio

   MFA Ceramics (301)
   MFA Metal (302)
   MFA Painting & Drawing (303)
   MFA Printmaking (305)
   MFA Sculpture (306)

  School of Business

  School of Science and Engineering

 MBA (eBrochure)

  Business Administration (261)

  MBA Public Accountancy (262)

 BS Computer Engineering & MS Electrical Engineering   (266)
 BS Electrical Engineering & MS Electrical Engineering   (267)

 MS Electrical Engineering (265)

 Computer Science
 MS Computer Science (270)


Application for admission to these programs has been suspended

MSEd Early Childhood Education (B-2)
MSEd Literacy Ed & Adolescence Special Ed
MSEd Literacy Ed & Childhood Special Ed
MSEd Adolescent Special Ed & Literacy Ed
MSEd Childhood Special Ed & Literacy Ed
Cert Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)
CAS School District Business Leader
MA Biology
MA Chemistry
MA Geology
MA Mathematics
MFA Photography