MS in Behavior Analysis & Autism Studies

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Licensed and Certified behavior analysts use techniques based on the science of human behavior to empower people to learn, communicate, play and thrive. They apply these techniques with individuals with and without disabilities, and particularly with children and adults across the Autism spectrum.

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MS in Behavior Analysis & Autism Studies

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Leanna Mellon, Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor
(845) 257-2867

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Alana Matuszewski, Director of Graduate Admission
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Anderson Center for Autism logo

The mission of the Anderson Center for Autism (ACA) is to optimize the quality of life for individuals with autism. ACA is a certified not for profit New York State 853 School, specially designed to support children with autism and related disorders.  The school supports 138 children ages 5-21, across 23, 6:1:3.5 (6 students, 1 teacher, 3.5 aides) classrooms following the New York State Learning Standards and Blue Print for Education.  ACA adheres to evidence-based education teaching strategies, especially those grounded in applied behavior analysis, as the most effective way to teach academic, social, school self-sufficiency, communication, and transition skills to individuals living with autism.  ACA’s unique interdisciplinary teams include case managers, school administration, residential team members, behavior analysts, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses, and clinical psychologists who work together to educate and support the development of the whole child.  ACA understands that an individual’s rate of success depends on the involvement of the family; therefore, through Anderson Family Partners, ongoing parent education and engagement in the education process is highly encouraged.


The Arc Mid-Hudson New York logo

The Arc Mid-Hudson is a private not-for-profit agency founded by families in Ulster, Greene and Putnam Counties who believed that their children with disabilities should have the same opportunities as their peers. Supporting 1,800 people from preschool through adulthood, our mission is “To empower people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to achieve and experience the highest quality of life.” We are guided by the core values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence.

The Arc Mid-Hudson believes each person is unique. We provide individualized services to every person, featuring a broad range of innovative and effective programs designed to foster independence, productivity and participation in community life. With over 1,700 employees, The Arc Mid-Hudson is one of the largest employers in the area.

Mid-Hudson Health Specialties. The Arc Mid-Hudson’s clinic, Mid-Hudson Health Specialties, provides comprehensive clinical services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Mid-Hudson Health Specialties aims to provide person-centered care to those we support, with an unrelenting focus on the goal of helping you or your loved one live an active, independent, and full life.

The Renaissance Program. The Renaissance Program is a specialized day program for adults on the autism spectrum. We work in partnership with the clinical, residential and day program services to give you a person-centered approach that will help you reach your life goals.


Center for Spr=ectrum Services

Center for Spectrum Services serves over 150 students at our day school center-based facilities in Kingston and Ellenville, New York. One hundred percent of our students fall on the autism spectrum or present with a similar disability and are sent to us by their individual school districts. We serve children aged 3 – 12.

This year alone, our students come to us from 6 surrounding counties, and 34 different school districts. The specific school districts and counties shift annually as we accept new students when current students move on to different programs based on many factors including their age and individual needs.

Our Community-Based services are offered primarily to children who have been diagnosed with, or are suspected of having, an Autism Spectrum Disorder before reaching school age. Related service professionals, including Special Educators, Speech Pathologists and Occupational and Physical Therapists, provide in-home services to children and our Family Service Coordinators offer support and guidance to assist parents and other family members. Our Community Based program currently provides programs for 115 children.  

In addition to Center-Based and Community-Based services, we also provide workshops and support for parents of our students as well as all parents within the greater community who face the challenges of having a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since siblings often experience challenges as they navigate life with a brother or sister with autism, we offer siblings special workshops 10 times a year at the same time we offer programs for their parents.

Many children who are on the higher end of the autism spectrum attend their local public schools yet struggle with appropriate responses to traditional social settings and experiences. To assist these youngsters and young adults, Center for Spectrum Services also offers Social Skills Workshops and After School Counseling. During the past school year, we served 51 children and young adults with this aspect of our programs.

Greystone Programs, Inc logo

Greystone Programs is a nonprofit human service agency that provides essential services and life enriching opportunities for children, adults and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities. Founded in 1979 by Marc W. Kelley, Greystone Programs offered the first privately run home in New York State for people with autism. Their groundbreaking initiative was the first to provide residential support in a community environment. Greystone Programs has grown tremendously since our beginning, now offering residential and community services for more than 600 people in five counties. Greystone Programs provides individuals with a choice and promotes independence in all aspect of daily life.


Hudson Valley Behavior Analyst (HVBA)

Hudson Valley Behavior Analyst (HVBA) is a private clinic located in Hopewell Junction, NY. HVBA began as a very small operation, offering just one social skills class a week. HVBA grew to have our own space and provide ABA treatment including individual sessions, group social skills classes, and parent training to more than 25 clients across the week. HVBAs hours of operation are 9:30am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. HVBA strives to use ABA in such a way that it allows our children and families to incorporate what they are learning into all aspects of their lives. As such, the HVBA space is very home-like and its schedules reflect transitions that children would typically encounter. HVBA works on all aspects of learning including daily living skills, skill acquisition and social interaction. HVBA’s goal for all its clients is to have them experience success in our community. This drives HVBA’s treatment for each client.


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