The MS in Psychological Science is the College’s premier social science research program at the graduate level. Students and faculty work side-by-side conducting research with the potential to help us better understand human behavior, inform social change and have a positive impact on individual lives. 


A Focus on Research 
The MS in Psychological Science is a skill-based degree with a strong emphasis on time spent in the lab and in the field. Its mission is to help students develop proficiency in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and provide the resources and mentorship needed to create meaningful new knowledge. 

A Professionalized Experience 
This robust program is led by dedicated faculty who go the extra mile to support students in conducting original research and presenting their findings at conferences and in disciplinary publications. Multiple TA positions are available for students interested in offsetting tuition costs while deepening their expertise and scholarship through teaching. 

A Range of Applications 
The curriculum covers four broad content areas – social, cognitive, developmental and applied psychology – to provide a comprehensive launching pad for students who plan to advance to doctoral study or work in difference-making careers in government, education, community service, or the private sector.  

World-Class Facilities 
The Psychological Science program operates in the newly-renovated Wooster Hall, featuring modern learning spaces and active labs equipped with powerful technological tools. The building also houses Department of Psychology faculty offices, individual and group study areas filled with natural light, and Element 93, the most popular café on campus. 



Elizabeth Hirshorn, Program Coordinator or (845) 257-2372 



Alana Matuszewski, Director of Graduate Admission or (845) 257-3285